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Soura residents urge govt to save former cremation ground from being grabbed

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Srinagar, April 3: Once used as a cremation ground by Kashmiri Pandits, a piece of land at land in Soura area on the city outskirts is being grabbed by the “land-mafia” as authorities are seemingly unmoved over the issue.

Situated at Bilal Colony Soura, the said piece of land, locals say was saved on many occasions from the clutches of land-mafia who tried to grab it on many occasions but failed due to the timely action by the locals.

“A piece of land at Bilal Colony Soura which was once used for cremation purpose has now turned into a garbage dump after its fencing was dismantled by unknown people,” said locals while appealing the authorities to save it.

“How long could we protect this property? We did what we could have done, now it’s the duty of the concerned authorities to save it,” said Mohammad Yousuf Shah, a resident of Bilal Colony Soura.

He said that the issue was brought into the notice of Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) and Srinagar Development Authority (SDA)  and police too was informed “but no firm steps have been taken to protect this piece of land.”

The locals said that the land is now being used for dumping waste and garbage and there are apprehensions that the site may grabbed by someone if government fails to initiate measures to protect it.

“We visited DC’s office in this regard last month and presented a memorandum to him. He no doubt assured prompt action, however nothing was done on ground thus far,” added Shah.

The locals are demanding that the government must look into the issue at earliest and save this property from land-grabbers.

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