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Lack of abattoir puts public health at risk in Sopore

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Sopore, Mar 23: Residents of north Kashmir’s Sopore Town have raised doubt about the quality of meat being sold to them citing the unavailability of a slaughter house in the town from last three years.

“The non-availability of abattoir has left the butchers unchecked as they slaughter animals at places, whichever they deem appropriate and without informing food safety department officials,” alleged the residents of Sopore.

‘Kashmir Images’ learnt from residents of Sopore that the slaughter house that was located in Tarzoo Ningli area of Sopore was set on fire by unknown persons few years back and now the place has become a hub of immoral activities.

Abdul Rashid, who runs a meat shop at Main Chowk Sopore told Kashmir Images that the butchers are facing problems in bringing the slaughtered animals to their shops.

“Despite of our repeated requests from last many years, the successive governments have shown a non-seriousness in establishing a slaughter house in the town,” said Abdul Rashid.

The Municipal Council Sopore had made it mandatory for all meat shop owners that no meat should be sold in the town unless it has a safety stamp on it but the practice was stopped by the current Executive Officer Abdul Mateen Baba saying that the food inspector has the authority to keep an eye on the slaughtering.

“I have stopped authorizing the stamp check from my office and my department has sent a proposal to higher-ups for establishing a modern slaughter house at Ningli Tarzoo,” said Executive officer Muncipal Council Sopore Mateen Baba.

“ I have assumed this office a few days before and now that you have brought this matter to me, I will check with the higher-ups and do the necessary in this regard,” Food Inspector Imtiyaz Ahmad Pandith told ‘Kashmir Images’.

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