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Questions are being raised by the stakeholders; is anybody ready to answer

As far and as deep we can see it seems that there is a deliberate mismanagement going on unchecked since generations. How the previous generations managed to modify themselves to adapt to that mismanaged state is not something which wonders us but what wonders us is that despite having consumed generations, this chaos is still found in working of the state machinery. From jobs to economic policy though we are promised of transparency but things keep on getting more opaque. It becomes hard to identify what to believe and what not to believe from the discourses of the government. Many cases of contradiction appear day after day and in this dilemma to find out the truth from a huge pile of half-truths and manipulated statements is a difficult task. People are promised things which are beyond the capacity of those who make these promises and unfortunately the common masses also keep on waiting to get these un-natural promises fulfilled. Deliberate attempts are made to dominate the progressive discourses with irrelevant things and it is this irrelevance which has formed several layers on the facts. People are busy with their normal lives and are misled in the course of their lives. Such is the suspense-wrapped everything that it frustrates a reasonable person who is looking for a peaceful living and a dignified future.

In the recently announced job policy for daily wagers, the things and information are being dragged uselessly by using deliberate gestures of deceit by the people holding authority over such affairs and no clear picture can be drawn where a reasonable person can claim that this is the actual list of facts. Now when we stand against the government decisions we are always a few and our strength is no match to the strength of the government. The government can mobilize strength by using tax payers money but a tax payer can’t mobilize anything except a few limited resources and that too at a place where even speaking in a democratic tone may be labelled with something different for which years are then needed to clear the manufactured doubt.

Now this infection is not only there, it has spread to the other semi-government/private institutions. These institutions have failed miserably to inspire the other government departments, instead they have imbibed in themselves the molecules of the same disease which have bonded with the molecules of dignity and professionalism in them and so they also fail to produce any meaningful result when their progress is evaluated under the umbrella of sincere and transparent professionalism. Their employees are behaving like bureaucrats of the highest order and are running a parallel industry of deliberate negligence for their profits, some enjoying monopoly.

A bold leadership attitude is lacking for mysterious reasons- mysterious from the point that there is no reason to be cowards. People can be educated if someone has really got something of some worth to teach or convey. There is no need to play politics on the economy of the state and the future of youth. For everything the government or any other leader claims, a clear policy in black and white should reach the people. The government should find itself strong enough to take any semi-government/private institute to task if it fails to comply. But the dictates from the government doesn’t find many takers as the weaknesses and chaos in the government itself provides space to these institutions to escape responsibility.

The road to success can’t be imported from outside but it is the elected representatives of the people who have to connect with the people and the economy should be made a prime discussion. It hurts every reasonable person when the basic thing, our survival revolves around, doesn’t find any mention in the discourses of the government. A misleading chain of events is created and this is pushing us towards a dark end. The government must keep its eyes open to what their youth has to say and what they are demanding from the government- some may publish it in the form of articles, some may present it in the form of videos on social media and some may write open letters to the government. The “chosen” political workers of the political leaders have many motives not to present their leaders the honest detail of the events on the ground and the leaders while respecting or managing their political workers should also read newspapers, magazines and should take some time to surf on the social media to find out what their people have to say at places where they find themselves free.

It is the space for this progressive discourses which gets shrunk in such an atmosphere. The people holding positions of power need to ponder over it seriously. Their negligence will leave devastating effects on the society. They may pass their time comfortably but the discomfort it is going to create for the people later on will take decades to heal. It is not the people which make the government helpless but It is the government which makes the people feel helpless by changing the progress-oriented-narrative to politically-aligned-narrative. This is a nourished-misfortune for a nation which is yet to see calm in the actual calculations since generations.

A government should be having a tight control-of-policies over what enters the state and what leaves it because the players in the market are looking for loopholes to exploit and they don’t spare any chance. For example the CSC (Common Service Network) of the state was reasonably expanded for digitization under the management of the J&K Bank and it was promised to the entrepreneurs that a ratio of 1:5 or 1:6 will be maintained. This ratio was reasonable for healthy business activities. Later on all of a sudden this CSC expanded like wild fire- unchecked, even the J&K Bank may not be aware of what has happened since then (2009). Because the government of the state failed to review the progress and closed its ears, failed to listen from the Khidmat Centre’s directly which were set up under the leadership and management of the J&K Bank, so the whole digitization has taken a different turn. The same entrepreneurs who waited for a decade and lived with the dream that they will be recognized in making this society digital and will be given a space by the government to express themselves are now regarded worthless. Such a humiliation will push these professionals towards unprofessional-ism and that unprofessional-ism may prove costly for the government and then the government may have to devise strategies to control the situation. Why to wait for this to happen, any reasonable person may question and any reasonable person in the government has to think over it. If we have something called Ministry/Department of IT, then this question should directly reach them. If good performances by a few students of the state can be appreciated, why an extremely serious concern where more than a thousand careers are at stake has been ignored.

Let us sow something good to harvest later, let us not repent again and again. Let us come out of our comfort zones and let us fix a meeting on a holiday to assess our loss.

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