Syed Kaleem Geelani

Sufism – The Eternal Panacea for Kashmir Bloodbath

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At the time when whole Kashmir is drenched in bloodshed, Sufism seems the best way out of all the discomforts from which our land is going through day by day. So, the time tested concept & approach of Sufism looks the best medicine to regain the lost peace.

The Sufism is said to have existed from the beginning of the human creation, for wisdom is the heritage of all; therefore no one person can be said to be its propounder. It has been revealed more clearly and spread more widely from time to time as the world has evolved.

With each passing day, we see our land burning in one way or the other way. The land which is called the Paradise on Earth is gradually turning into a hell on Earth. There is not a single day in Kashmir which has left peacefully without any untoward incident. Each & everyday its either a Kashmiri militant or civilian who has to say goodbye to their lives. Its only the mother & family who gets destructed emotionally as well as physically after the death of his/her son. The killings, injuries, shutdowns, protests, encounters etc have became a routine in Kashmir. The day by day deteriorating situation in Kashmir has invoked a fear in the minds of common people. One feels unsafe to go outside from their homes. Kashmir has become a cage for its own people. Our future called students are getting deeply affected by situations here. Most of our students prefer & opt to study outside the state due to the unfavourable conditions in the valley. After every killing there is a call for shutdown  – a shutdown call has became nothing less than a joke for people. A question arises does deaths deserve shutdown calls which have resulted into nothing from the very beginning other than more human loss & destruction. I remember last year when a young militant was killed who hailed from main town of Anantnag, his mother clearly told that there should be no shutdown on the death of my son, Kashmir & Kashmiri people are already disturbed by ongoing situations & I dont wish to disturb my people & their businesses for the sake of my son. The need is that our resistance leadership do some rethinking and revisit about their strategies and policies against the oppressors.

So what a common man can do for the sake of Kashmir? Leaving aside all the ideological differences we all should come forward for the sake of Kashmir. We all use to come under the umbrella of Sufism which hinges on love for all and hate for none. The Sufi way of life is basically found on the peaceful love of Allah, the name ‘Allah’ indicative of the one god believed in by different peoples who use different names for the one and only “Supreme Being”. There is no place for inequality and greed in the world of Sufism and certainly no place for warfare. Many people have also opined for revisting Sufi teachings in the wake of day to day unending killings. Our being Muslims in Kashmir is all due to efforts and hardwork of Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA). He came here travelling thousands of kilometres for the sake of Kashmir. The contribution of Mir Syed Ali Hamadani (RA) towards Kashmir and its people is limitless. They have blessed the Kashmir in many ways. Kashmiri culture and mannerism for which Kashmir is popular throughout the world also came from him. Hazrat Ameer E Kabir has given us many gifts especially Awrad Al Fatiha. It is a special Wazifa for the Kashmir and its people but unfortunately we have forgotten this Wazifa which was used to recite after Fajr prayer by our ancestors. We have forgotten the contribution and efforts of Awliya Kirams towards Kashmir. We need to remember and follow their teachings and restore Awrad Al Fatiha in our mosques and homes and remember Allah and Awliya Kirams through this gift and later on pray for the sake of Kashmir. We need to turn towards Awliya Kirams and shed our tears at the blessed shrines for the sake of Kashmir. As the Kashmir is called ”Peer’e Wae’r” so we need to turn towards our pious Awliyas and shrines for the sake of Kashmir. We need to do Ishtikharas at pious shrines which have been blessed by Allah. Each and everyday there have been Chalo Calls, we need to arrange Chalo calls to our pious Shrines and pray there.

There is a dire need that our people turn towards Sufism, Awliya Kirams and revisit their teachings for the sake of Kashmir which is the best logical and eternal panacea for all discomforts and a way to end this bloodbath through peaceful means. We need to imbibe and promote the teachings of tolerance, love, peace and brotherhood.

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