Syed Karar Hashmi

Holi – the message of love

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Syed Karar Hashmi

A festival is an event celebrated by a community based on religion or tradition.  There are many types of festivals in the world and most countries celebrate cultural events and traditions as well.  For making the public participation easier, the list of festivals are been published and most of them are associated with National holidays. The Hindu festival Holi is very historic, also known as the “festival of colors”.

The message of Holi is global in nature, signifies the victory of good over evil, forget and forgive and the arrival of spring – end of winter. It is spring festival celebrated as a thanksgiving for a better harvest.  This festival is popular within as well as outside India, celebrated in few parts of Europe and North America with a message of love, peace and brotherhood. It is celebrated by both Hindus as well as Non Hindus in the country.

We are missing those golden days with our dear Kashmiri Pandits, celebrating all the festivals altogether. Muslims in Kashmir were celebrating Diwali and Hindus Eid. Religious tolerance, secularism, morality and humanity have taken long holiday in India.  Every Aam Aadmi wants peace, love and tranquility to be returned in the Valley, none happy over the killings and sufferings of the humans. Everybody has a right to celebrate festivals and other auspicious days.

Situation has changed our everyday into mourning’s and miseries in Kashmir. Nobody feels safe and secure here, sometimes our days, weeks and months are completely spent inside houses.   It is a wise saying that, ‘the violence begets violence’. The Kashmir has changed into a flash point between India and Pakistan.

We want justice, peace, love, development and brotherhood among all the communities living in Kashmir. Nobody is concerned and serious enough to understand our deteriorating conditions, problems and sufferings. Enough politics has been played on Kashmir issue, time demands dedicated and sincere steps from all the stake holders concerned to find a best possible way through dialogue and progressive discussions over Kashmir. On this Holi, let us pray Allah to protect us and bring back the days of love, peace and colors in Kashmir.

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