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The Concept of Rights

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By: Towseef Ahmad

The concept of right is an important asset with the contemporary world. It is that element of law, politics, justice and ethics which has reached here during a historical process to differentiate a certain degree of difference between “expositorial right” and right as “it ought to be”. It is the result of the theoretical exposition through its relationship with the practicalities of the modern era. There is a deficit for a person who does not know his rights. Therefore the people should be acquainted with the laws around them as ignorance of law is not an excuse. The exposition and application of the right to information act or a role which a civil society can play to create the awareness among the masses regarding the spectrum of rights, the left and right, thereby meaning the positive and negative rights would rather be a fascinating and an intriguing exercise.

It is a fact that a mere signalling is not enough, rather the access to the dispensation and vindication of rights and jural postulates should be readily available to the citizenry for carving out appropriate strategies for their future housing, planning of education and technical knowhow. The technology has transformed leaps and bounds and so has the potential for progressive realization of one’s rights and interests through the availability of multimedia and e-governance. The people do not desire to have slumber over their rights and be a self-creating hazard of their wishes and transcendence. The rights contain specific hyperlinks known as the duties, without duties the correlative character of rights cannot stand as a standalone tool. Thence the access to the rights is now routinized through the welfare policies and modern deontic and democratic systems in which the comparative value over property rights, matrimonial rights and associated and ancillary rights plays a significant role.

The same assimilation is true of the efficient nature of duties, natural, moral and legal i.e. we should try to understand our rights enshrined in the sovereignty of the will of the people which are a bonus for the dignified value and transition of a social life, the basic structure of the rights contained and embodied in the constitution as well as the fundamental rights and directives. The scientific temper is also around therein. Thence we should be aware of these dichotomous delineations which are underlying many laws and regulatory frameworks and we must be equipped with our rights and approaches in order to live a dignified life. The better learning yields better results.

The comprehension of the rights and the modern day information laws are therefore an important asset with us to take full advantage of the technological rights which can boost our economy of wealth, health, education, dignity and goodwill. The concept of particular rights is therefore essential apart from the specific and general rights which have emerged through the sensitive artefacts and flow of aspects in the intellectual property rights and many tangible and intangible rights. Therefore, corporeal and incorporeal rights and the standard form of contracts are an essential interface of the various dimensions of business and commercial laws, including the concept of the law.

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