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Ghouta Massacre and Civilised World

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Whole humanity shall awake from deep slumber to protest

By. Shahid Majeed Mir

The contemporary world order rests on  the sovereignty of people and their rights. This order is known as democratic order of governance  in common parlance. The order came through Renaissance of Humanistic tradition of ancient times. It accords a highest place to worth of human rights, their sovereignty through liberty, equality  and fraternity. As is believed the order is supposed to be Ideological end of Human Beings. In fact the sobriquet of “Democratic ideal is common heritage of mankind” is given for its genuineness  by former PM of India Dr Manmohan Singh. So the ideal supposed to be coil of snake revolving round human beings was meant to ensure the enjoyment of rights. This tradition evolved through huge conferences, elephantine charters, treaties, covenants etc. But as Joseph Nye once commented “American glut in  hard power usage eroded their worth as they make rules for others to follow but want exemption for themselves”.

The present situation of Syria and the plight of teeming millions seems perverted form of this Democratic order in line of above comment. The genocide of Ghouta could never be explained if not placed in context of big powers hunting game. What is rule meant for is not Human beings but the rule over their patrimony!

The bombing over Ghouta region (oasis around lake formed by Barada river in Syria) killed hundreds of innocent people including children and women. It pierced the heart and soul of man when social media brought the reality in front of us. One innocent child kissing the cut hand of mother soaked in blood. Civil war in Syria reached to its climax this week. Civil defence rescue service, known as White Helmet,  said it had documented at least 350 deaths in the first four days of attack. Most of the dead were children yet to enter the phase of maturity. Alas the big power politics couldn’t allow them their life of dreams.

Historically the conflict is traced to 2011 Arab spring in which a reign of widespread protests was unleashed against Bashar al Asad. Since then the evolution of civil war was inevitable in context of emerging opposite poles of Russia and America. Asad regime is sustained by support of Russia and Iran backed rebels. Alqaida through Al Nusra Front backed by Saudi Arabia and US unleashed reign of terror against Asad regime. These proxy strategies far away from mainland of these countries were amplified after arrival of ISIL on scene. It held a wide geography under its control. Though a Sunni Sect, it refused to cooperate with Al Nusra Front initially because of Khilafat issue and subsequent fight for its establishment. This way situation deteriorated among diverse poles with contrasting claims. USA, Saudi, Al Nusra Front, free Syrian army etc on one hand and Russia, Iran and Syrian government on the other side.

The emergence of ISIL and subsequent attacks in Europe and Europeans turned almost whole West against them. An opportunistic  alliance came into existence to defeat ISIL. Although Russia backed Syrian government agreed on the collation but the skirmishes and the sustenance of regime surpassed moralistic  tendency. The major role played by Kurdish forces created yet another rival in shape of Turkey. Turkish invasion recently created fear psychosis in border areas. This way the solution seems complex with involvement of big powers for prestige.

Neither pole is ready to negotiate on behalf of teeming millions whether they are part of government or not. The Russian involvement created helter skelter situation. It on behalf of containment tries to survive the Asad regime while on the other hand supports proxies against USA. The irony of the fact is that Turkey granted permission from Russia to invade border areas. Syria after all has emerged a livable example of anarchy with different patches held by different interests. On one hand Kurdish people claim their independence, IS fighting for its revival, Russia for safeguard of Asad regime with USA and Saudi complimentary interests to vacate Iran and Russia. This whole situation vitiated the atmosphere where there’s is Hobbesian Anarchy of “war of all against all”. Syrian observatory for Human Rights based in London reported worst ever genocide in middleast.

The onslaught reached its climax in Ghouta where the scale of attacks from barrel bombs and other missiles made it hard to count the dead as per reports of eyewitnesses. The irony of the fact is that Russian Government issued press note to allow 5 hours relief for civilians to vacate after beastly bloodshed. Where’s UNSC? Where are the champions  of Human right? Who are terrorists? Who has killed millions in Syria? Alqaida or Russia. It at times creates chaos to differentiate between right and wrong.

It’s time for whole Muslim community to unite and intervene in this grave offence of Russia and America. Syria is our inherited land along with Iraq and Palestine. None other than Syrian government and Asad is responsible for plight of our brothers and sisters supposed to fight for their existence to sustain regime. Let’s hope to get some bolt from  blue as the Barada river has turned red now. The civilisation is in crisis and democratic order is dead. It’s democracy for West and dictatorship for East through Putin, Donald Trump and Asad regime. Salute to this civilization! !!!!!!

  • The writer hails from Misribehak Machil Kupwara and can be reached at [email protected]

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