Gowhar Naz

Life is beautiful

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Ignorance of responsibility is no excuse.

As long as I have understood it, I think life is a beautiful thing. It’s a great blessing. Some things are more beautiful some less. Some things hurt, and some moments are testing, causing a lot of pain. But it’s all good, if you try to be good and spread goodness in all the directions. Opinions, views, and perceptions differ. But life as a blessing is no more a personal thing. It’s a (known) fact!

When I’m asked, what is the beautiful thing in life? I smile in response and that’s all I can do. When a stranger baby smiles back to you in a bus; you feel so proud of and happy; meeting a school teachers and the teacher recognises you; listening to old melodies on a rainy night, when sleep keeps eluding you; eating homemade food after staying months away from home — are all beautiful moments that you want to remember throughout the journey of life.

We all have our own lives, our own experiences and our own mistakes. But I have something very special to share with you. It is all about true love, done unconditionally. Patience, I’m unfolding the secret. There is, however, no magic button to it. You are a part of it, you observe and experience it, and  interestingly, that’s life.

“Grandparents company,” yes, you heard me right,  and that’s what I find the most beautiful thing in life.

Unfortunately, my grandfather suffered a massive stroke last year that has paralysed his left side of the body. He is unable to eat food, talk or move. He is alive, living and in between us, is a miracle that gives us yet another opportunity to serve and take care of him. To take care of him is indeed our responsibility. A stroke can happen to anyone including children.  A massive stroke can be, but is not always fatal.

Thankfully, he is recovering well, but has not recovered fully, giving an indication that it may take some more time. Patience! Yes, undoubtedly it is a test of legs, without getting riled up. However, my grandfather cannot explain how he is still alive after suffering a massive stroke at the age of 80. To my surprise, it was second stroke he has suffered, first one suffered some 15 years back that had paralyzed his right foot, is a great tragedy.

Being a grandparent is a greatest gift of life and being a grandson a beautiful privilege.  Thankfully, both of my grandparents are alive, and really a lucky grandson that way. Talking to them is always a treat, where you get to learn many things from their experience and own taste of life. They lived a beautiful life than ours, is a great truth.

My grandma’s one wish is to see me get married before she leaves this world, to which I have no answer. Marriage is not in my radar yet, but I’m hopeful, the sooner, the better. She wishes me happy, healthy and a prosperous life. I’m sure, every grandma wishes the same to their grandchildren. We as grandchildren, should take care of our grandparents in their old age. Today they need us. Be available to them, please!

Life is a challenge, I agree. But there’s no escape.  Accept it and you will be at peace. Believe me, you are beautiful, life is beautiful and the world is beautiful. Treasure it!

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