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Bottlenecks in e-assembly project removed, work apace: Imran Ansari

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NIC, Assembly Secretariat working in tandem to implement project at earliest

JAMMU, FEBRUARY 06: Minister for Youth Services and Sports, Information Technology Moulvi Imran Raza Ansari today said that the bottlenecks in the implementation of E-Assembly project have been removed and the work is now apace to implement the project at the earliest.

The Minister was responding to a calling attention notice moved by legislator RS Pathania in the Legislative Assembly in this regard.

While giving reasons for the delay in implementation of the project, the Minister said that the legislative complexes in both the divisions were not WI-FI enabled and WI-FI facilities had to be created afresh which is now ready. He said the main software for the project was imported   from Rajasthan and the customization of the software for inclusion of Legislative Council module took time as the Rajasthan Assembly is unicameral while the JK Assembly is Bicameral.

He said now the bottlenecks have been removed and that the NIC and Assembly Secretariat are working in tandem to integrate and implement the project at the earliest.

Giving details of the project, the Minister said that Rs 3.57 crore E-Assembly project was sanctioned in the year 2014 and Rs 2.59 crore have been released in favour of the state by the central government under DARPG while Rs 97 lakh were released by the state government for the project so far.

He said the project consists of various components that include Web Software Application, Mobile Application, Wi-Fi Setup, Hardware like Smart tabs, Scanners, Digital Signatures and UTM (Firewall).

He said the project aims at making the process chain of the Assembly and Council related to sessions online, thereby reducing the dependence on paper and speeding up the process.

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