Today: Jun 19, 2024

Ladakh at receiving end of worst of govt’s ‘anyay kaal’: Jairam Ramesh

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New Delhi: A day before polling for the Ladakh Lok Sabha constituency, the Congress on Sunday alleged that over the last 10 years, the union territory has been at the receiving end of the Modi government’s “malicious and step-motherly treatment”.

Congress general secretary Jairam Ramesh said Ladakhis have been protesting in freezing temperatures over the lack of control over their land and water.

“The protests have been ongoing for months, including all eight tribes and over 30,000 people, coming together for hunger strikes and huge marches,” he said.

The Modi government’s only response has been continued silence and apathy, Ramesh claimed.

In a post on X, the Congress general secretary noted that on May 20, Ladakh will go to the polls, and “over the last 10 years, Ladakh has been at the receiving end of the worst of the Modi government’s Anyay Kaal – from complete apathy to malicious and step-motherly treatment”.

“In August 2019, the Modi government stripped all representation from the people of Ladakh by downgrading them to a Union Territory without a legislature,” he said.

“The greed of the Modi Sarkar and its crony corporate friends is threatening Ladakh’s fragile ecosystems. Corporates in sectors like mining have their eyes set on Ladakh’s natural resources, and if the Modi Sarkar is allowed back into power, there is nothing stopping them from extracting wealth from the land and the people,” Ramesh claimed.

The entire region is being “remote-controlled” from Delhi through a lieutenant governor, he alleged.

A huge influx of tourists and urbanisation is putting pressure on Ladakh’s resources, creating water shortages, the former environment minister said.

“Further, the Modi government’s weakness has caused great harm to Ladakh’s security and economy: The Modi government’s cowardice has allowed China to seize 2,000 sq. km of land in Ladakh, taking away 26 out of 65 patrolling points,” he alleged.

“The Chinese occupation has directly affected thousands of Ladakhis, particularly indigenous shepherds who graze their sheep and goats in the highlands near the border,” he claimed.

Ramesh said the Congress ‘Nyay Patra’ has clearly promised Sixth Schedule status to the tribal areas of Ladakh, granting critical autonomy to the local people to protect indigenous culture and the region’s fragile ecosystem.

“We have also outlined a detailed plan to address environmental issues, climate change, and natural disasters. On June 4, Ladakh will begin the process of healing, and return to the path of prosperity and stability!” Ramesh asserted.

Ladakh, a sprawling cold desert region, holds the distinction of being India’s largest constituency in terms of area. It has around 1.84 lakh voters — around 96,000 in Kargil district and over 88,000 in Leh district.