Today: Jun 25, 2024

Fire in Dhobiwan Bazaar: Dry fruit shop partially damaged

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Tangmarg, May 17: A fire incident caused by an electricity transformer sparked panic in the Dhobiwan Kunzer area on Friday.

The fire, originating from a 200 KV power transformer installed near a line of shops in Dhobiwan Bazaar, partially damaged a nearby dry fruit shop.

The incident occurred when the transformer caught fire, sending flames into the air and alarming residents and shopkeepers. People near Kunzer Dhobiwan fled in fear as the blaze threatened to spread.

A dry fruit shop owned by Nazir Ahmed Rather sustained partial damage due to the fire. However, the swift response of the fire service prevented further destruction. Firefighters managed to control the flames in the transformer, thereby averting a potential disaster that could have engulfed the entire shop line.

Local authorities are investigating the cause of the transformer fire to prevent similar incidents in the future. No injuries were reported, but the event has raised concerns about the safety of electrical infrastructure in the area.


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