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Lt Governor addresses Shri Kubernath Rai memorial lecture

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Addresses seminar on Modern Education and Indian Culture & Tradition

GHAZIPUR(UP): Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha today addressed Shri Kubernath Rai’s memorial lecture at Ghazipur.

Paying homage to Shri Kubernath Rai, the great essayist, scholar and poet, the Lt Governor remembered his significant contribution to nation-building.

“Kubernath Rai enriched Hindi literature and he remains an immense source of intellectual inspiration. His essays provide an opportunity to the readers to discover new ideas and perspectives,” the Lt Governor said.

At the memorial event, the Lt Governor recalled the ideals and values espoused by Shri Kubernath Rai and said that he is a living illustration of the soul of Indianness who served the literature and culture with dedication to strengthen the national unity.

Kubernath Rai through his voluminous literary works promoted ancient ideals and values and also encouraged new ideas by breaking old concepts. In his works, he gave new dimensions to the country’s progress and emphasised on people’s role in development, peace and harmony, the Lt Governor said.

The Lt Governor called for dedicated efforts to ensure his works are available to readers from other regions and it is translated into different languages so that a larger number of readers have access to his great works.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha addressed a seminar on the “Role of modern education in preserving Indian Culture & Tradition” at Ghazipur.

In his keynote address, the Lt Governor highlighted the importance of the modern education system in the preservation and promotion of culture and traditional knowledge & practices.

“Culture is the voice of society. India is witnessing a resurgence of cultural values and modern education is enabling the young generation to compete with the global world while preserving ancient values,” the Lt Governor said.

Modern education has maintained a fine balance between traditions and technology, between science and sanskar. The National Education Policy too focuses on the overall development of the youth while ensuring they have access to the best global standards of education, he said.

The Lt Governor also spoke on reform in the education sector and its impact on School and Higher Education.

Reform in education has given new impetus to the cultural revival and the foundation of a bright future has been laid through the modern education system. There is a renewed interest towards Indian culture, ethics and moral values and a new consciousness is taking shape, he said.

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