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Literary prowess of Jaan Mohammed Hakeem

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By: Sadaket Ali Malik

Doda District (Bhalessa) has produced many scholars and personalities in diverse fields and among them isJaan Mohammed Hakeem, a distinguished figure in the realm of literature, education, and community service. Jaan has carved a niche for himself with rich accomplishments.

Born to the late ChQasim Din Dhader in DhadkaiBhallessa, District Doda, Jaan Mohammed Hakeem has become a beacon of inspiration for his unwavering commitment in promoting Gojari literature and tribal heritage, especially in Doda District.

His academic journey reflects his passion for knowledge. Armed with a Master’s degree in Urdu, a second Master’s in Political Science, and a Bachelor of Education (B.Ed), he embodies the fusion of literary and educational pursuits. His academic foundation serves as a robust platform for his contributions to both the literary and educational domains.

A prolific writer, he has authored several noteworthy publications. “SajraPhull,” a collection of Gojari poetry, is popular with his poetic prowess. “Jan-e-Gazal,” another book earned him the prestigious Best Book Award. The book is enthralling.  His groundbreaking work includes “ChunamGojariKawitaenn,” the first-ever translation from Gojari to Hindi, presented at the World Book Fair in New Delhi and the International Book Fair in Seoul.

Additionally, he has translated significant tribal historical works, demonstrating his commitment to preserving and sharing the rich cultural tapestry of the tribal communities. His upcoming publications promise to add more layers to the literary landscape he has been diligently cultivating.

His contributions haven’t gone unnoticed. The accolades he has received, including the Best Book Award for “Jan-e-Ghazal” from JKAACL and the Commendation Award for Literature and Community Services from Tribal Research institute J&K, underscore his significant impact on both the literary and community spheres.

He attended, as Chief Guest,theJaypal Julius Hanna Literary Award ceremony and was endorsed for commendable services in Tribal Literature with evidence of his dedication to preserving and promoting the tribal heritage through literature.

It is impressive to note that Jaan is actively contributing as an expert for Gojri Orthography at BGSBU Rajouri. This role likely involves expertise in the standardization and representation of the Gojri language in writing. The efforts in orthography are crucial for preserving and promoting the linguistic identity of any community and he is doing this daunting task too.

Beyond his individual achievements, he actively participates in various literary and educational forums. His membership in the Executive Council of the All India First Nations Writers Forum and roles in syllabus framing committees exemplify his commitment to shaping the literary landscape and educational curriculum.

Moreover,  he translated the hindi book on Tribal leader “SanvidhanSabha Me Jaypal”tourdu as “Ain e Saaz me Jaypal” Which was released  during the All India First Nations Writers Conference at Bhaderwah held in June 2023.

He has been on the forefront in Organising all india workshop in 2021 in Doda District in which about 30 Tribal Scholars  from all’ over India participated including Film Makers, Social Activists, Directors, Intellectuals and scholars took part and hold deliberations.

As the General Secretary of Anjuman E TarraqiGojriAdabDoda, he plays a pivotal role in fostering a community of writers and intellectuals dedicated to the growth of Gojari literature.

In his role as a Lecturer in the School Education Department, he bridges the academia and community service. His efforts extend beyond the classroom, as evidenced by the multitude of events he has organized, including  Workshops, Tribal Literary Conferences, and BastiBasti Programs, all aimed at promoting cultural awareness and education.

Jaan Mohammed Hakeem is a multifaceted personality, weaving together the threads of literature, education, and community service. His journey  to the transformative power of literature in preserving cultural heritage and fostering literature. As he continues to tread the path of literary excellence and community enrichment, he remains a luminary in the world of tribal literature and education.


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