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Boat capsize tragedy: Search continues for missing persons on Day 3

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Srinagar: The search operation to retrieve the bodies of three missing persons, including a father-son duo and a fifth-grade student, continued on the third day today, with multiple rescue agencies continuing their efforts.

Despite the concerted efforts of teams from various departments, including the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF), National Disaster Response Force (NDRF), MARCOS, and others, no traces of bodies have been found yet.

The search operation has been going on since April 16 when the tragic incident occurred in the Gandabal area of Srinagar. Search and rescue teams are tirelessly scouring the waters of Jhelum, from Gandabal to Rajbagh Srinagar, leaving no area unchecked. Two teams have been dispatched to the Chattabal Weir area to expand the search efforts, officials added.

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