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LS polls: ECI launches “KNOW YOUR CANDIDATE” App

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JAMMU: To strengthen accountability and bring transparency in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections, the Election Commission of India has developed a new app titled “Know Your Candidate”.

The app helps citizens to know about the criminal antecedents of candidates contesting the elections.

To use the KYC app, the voters need to select the election type and AC/PC name to view the list of nominations or they can directly search the candidate by name. The app will then display information about the candidate’s criminal antecedents, if any. This information includes the details of any criminal cases filed against the candidate, the status of those cases, and the nature of offences. It can help voters in identifying candidates with a history of criminal activity thereby enabling them to make an informed decision.

The citizen will be able to view the status of criminal cases filed against the candidate (if any) including the nature of offences that the candidate has been accused of. The app is a valuable resource for voters who want to know more about the candidates who are contesting elections. The application is available both on Android and IOS devices. The citizens are encouraged to visit ECI’s Website for more information.

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