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BJP president Nadda targets Congress for ‘appeasement’ politics

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New Delhi: Accusing the Congress of pursuing appeasement politics and working against the majority community, BJP chief J P Nadda on Monday asked the opposition party to make it clear as to who it intends to benefit by promising to raise the reservation cap from 50 per cent.

In a statement, Nadda echoed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s charge that the Congress’ manifesto bears the imprint of the Muslim League, which had spearheaded the pre-independence movement for Pakistan.

The League had worked for reservation on religion lines in 1929 and the Congress is doing the same, he alleged.

“The Congress manifesto is a blueprint for division, a blatant replica of Jinnah’s Muslim League agenda. By prioritising appeasement politics over national unity, the Congress seeks to perpetuate division,” the BJP president alleged.

People have repeatedly rejected the Congress but it is determined to pursue appeasement politics and divide the country in its greed for power, he alleged.

He claimed the Congress-led UPA government had mulled a law against the majority community, a reference to Hindus, and it continues to work against them.

“India has rejected such divisive politics before and will do so again. The BJP stands firm against this dangerous path to polarisation and remains committed to inclusive governance for all,” he said.

The country has not forgiven the Congress for its “divisive tactics and appeasement politics” and is unlikely to do so in the future, he said.

Targeting Rahul Gandhi, Nadda said he owes an explanation regarding the disappearance of Congress party’s flags during his nomination procession in Wayanad Lok Sabha seat in Kerala.

It was done as the Indian Union Muslim League, a Congress ally in Kerala, might not have liked it, he claimed.

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