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Unemploymentis a crisis, why taunt educated youth!

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By: Mudasir Ali

In today’s society, the philosophy of egalitarianism has been pushed into the vacuum leaving no surviving pool to cope with the present challenges of society that would serve better for the educated youth. Everyone would like to take a taste of his/her own tongue by throwing up condescending punches at the educated youth for their unemployment. Soft but poisoned lines like of disregard and tacit critique for having acquired degrees and yet not finding opportunities to work- these have increased the depression level among the educated youth seeking some form of engagement, some sort of job.

It goes against the norms to humiliate anybody or any class merely on the basis of the treatment they are getting even when they deserve the best case scenario and should be applauded for their investiment in acquiring education. We have crossed limits in all walks to count our names in the intellectual class of our society without considering the sentiments of others. We need the wealth and money that we think to make our future. We transgress our social norms that display our inner conscience of the existing society. Our respected elders of above 60 years leave no stone unturned to cross the benchmark in the same field. A society is defined as a group of individuals formed under norms and values aimed at spreading love, compassion, and brotherhood for everyone regardless of caste, color, profession, religion, and so on.

Tracing back to the past two decades’ history of our ancestors, they were very polite men who promoted love, peace, and social harmony among people through their pacified words and had no stereotyped thinking for any class of society. They valued each class equally living with them. They knew the underlying norms and ethical principles that purely governed society.

It is very disheartening that the educated youth in Kashmir is still unemployed on account of having no government job. They have become victimized and also have to face hardships regarding unemployment. They have to listen to everybody patiently. This is genuinely a fact whenever their neighbors, relatives or friends met on the way by chance; they change their route because it will make them more disturbed by saying anything wrong. It has been analyzed that the educated youth is in a quandary and feeling hopeless due to many constraints, which always make them more susceptible to taking harsh steps in life preventing them from the constant social pressures.

In our society, we see an elite class having highly distinguished names and statuses based on their wealth and bank balances. Their sons and daughters are studying in reputed institutions in order to achieve distinguished accolades and degrees in different fields. They throw everything into hot magma that has blown up social ethics into dusty storms.

This is not necessary that one class of society that is more advanced in one field can prosper well in other fields. They may lack in other aspects of life like; socially unifying thoughts, sympathetic feelings for both poor and rich, etc; that is the fundamental principle to being good members of society. Society teaches us lessons in terms of brotherhood, equality, and unity but unfortunately been kept at bay in the worldly materialistic mesh.

Trampling upon social norms is the result of devaluing, disrespecting, and insulting people in daily routines. The entire system of society whirls around under humiliation and disrespecting axis. Nobody knows what to speak and what to think. Everyone likes whatever suits him/her finding a moment to lash out mixed clots at the unemployed youth.

There is no cross junction in spiky tongues that may stop them. It is a usual process now and people have become fond of doing and getting much addicted to it. An unemployed youth is receiving frequently fired shells in society that are totally embarrassing and arrows like words piercing into the chest and leaving deeper holes inside.

It is our responsibility to revive the social principles that would connect us to build a civilized society. A society that preserves past legacies would never stoop to a low moral standard. Society has no value until the members of society are rational and have a good understanding of society and social norms. Let’s pledge to respect everyone and treat each class equally in our society.

Our Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) defined the true Muslim as one who avoids harming other Muslims with his tongue (words) and hand (actions). We should always keep these beautiful words in mind that we will not hurt anybody to lower his status in front of others instead we will spread love to each other for the sake of Allah. Allah will find a good way for us when we change ourselves. At least we should heal the wounds of the unemployed class through encouragement and appreciation that make us good members of our society

The writer is a columnist and works as a teacher. [email protected]

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