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PDP demands release of allowances and pensions for govt employees

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Srinagar: Zuhaib Yousuf Mir, the additional spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and Youth general secretary, demanded the release of dearness allowance, GP fund, and pension for government employees on Thursday.

Mir expressed surprise at the government’s failure to issue dearness allowance to government employees from January this year. He emphasized that despite the government’s announcement to provide dearness allowance to its employees according to the central scale, its failure to do so amounts to cheating and disrespecting its employees.

Mir also criticized the government for its failure to release the GP fund and pension of its employees, especially with Eid-ul-Fitr approaching.

He highlighted that the Kashmiri business community was already under distress due to the government’s anti-people policies, and now government employees are also suffering due to various reasons.

Government employees are feeling increasingly suffocated as they are prohibited from speaking out against the government. They perceive themselves as the most neglected, suppressed, and victimized group.

Mir urged the governor’s administration to fulfill its promise of issuing dearness allowance to government employees as per the central scale as soon as possible. Additionally, he called for the prompt release of GP funds and pensions for government employees to ease their Eid expenses.



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