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Silence spills over positivity, but not always!

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By: Mudasir Ali

Generally, Silence is counted as one of the positive attributes in the human conduct. One can see the external lining of silence in various forms depending on attitude and rationality of an individual. It is an old saying that silence is considered gold in the eyes of people. It hones external conduct and upholds individual identity.

Silence reflects stark appearance which manifests stature of one’s life. It holds a top position in the moral hierarchy which prevents from upheavals. It provides inner solace to mind and checks awkwardly expressions which disrespect us in front of others. It is just like a gauge which controls the negative side of our attitude. It is also said that silence opens doors for wisdom, intelligence, sharpness, and politeness.

A good quality always shows its unique impression that profusely describes the purity and righteousness of an individual. Silence also develops a remarkable understanding and values which makes a high distinction between the two individuals. Many great people in our society whose words speak volumes in their literary fields. We mostly find such great minds in silence. It also helps mind to contemplate novel ideas.

The degree of silence has no uniformity as it varies from individual to individual; some are naturally silent for no cause. Similarly, some remain silent when anything bad happen to them. It can be observed in real sense due to its certain factors. This proves that silence may have any distinctive part that would perfectly give some clues for knowing the origin. It is not necessarily mean that silence always remains covert.

Some silences have reasons and some are genuinely unreasonable which may have innate nature as some amount of individuals are born silent as they remain totally introvert in home as well as outside environment. Silence is viewed as an essential ingredient which adds flavor to our external conduct. Some speak too much, may anguish others by their harsh words. Silence is a parameter which controls overtly expressions uniformly. Therefore, good conduct always leaves an indelible impression.

Many are of the opinion that silence gives birth when an individual faces failures and hard challenges in life. It throws him into deep quagmire, triggers hopelessness, state of uncertainty that would actually prepare an individual for other trails to win over failures. This deep silence is like magma inside which gives an enormous motivation to rise again. It evolves in a new form i.e. perseverance and patience which are the stepping stones for starting new journeys. It leverages determination level in overcoming failures as well as challenges. Silence plays an important role in keeping determination of cycle upholds. It keeps our mind in balance to take good decisions and generates willpower for greater works. It is often told that silence increases the efficiency of mind which develops sincerity and positivity towards the healthy activities.

There may have many theories and idealistic views propounded by many distinguishing scholars about the meaning of silence but it is the fact that silence seems observable when situation of that level occurred in particular time. Patience is not the other name of silence but it is one branch that somewhat displays the importance of silence. In Islam, Silence has a great significance and is considered a good deed for those who remain silent amid verbal fighting, quarrelling and so on. These people don’t attack their opponents in return by using harsh words.

Those who bear harsh words, abuses of his opponent have a great respect in the eyes of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). The companions of our beloved messenger kept silence while listening to his words and discourses. It would be an enormously exciting when the beloved companions paid attention to the great leader of this world. They cordially loved their respected leader and followed his words and ways in letter and spirit. The prophet was also emphasized silence to his companions because he knew the value and importance which it could impart to their attitude.

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