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This blessed month of Ramadan can truly change us when we worship and perform good deeds just for the sake of Allah


Allah says, in the holy Quran- ‘Oh, my slaves- come back to me; I am your ‘lord’. Don’t turn away from me as you have no other way to succeed in life. Do worship and achieve Taqwa (God consciousness) that I want from you’. ‘Taqwa’ cleans you internally when you come out from the ignorance by abandoning foul practices and adopting a just and kind life’. Islam frequently insists us, in the holy Quran, to resist ill practices that harm our Emaan (faith). These become the hindrances that stop us from seeking the divine path and from enlightening our inner souls. Evil deeds turn our hearts into stones; worthless, insignificant objects that permit no light inside.

Ramdhan is the month to cleanse our hearts and minds and prepare ourselves to receive the great mercy of Allah that has been promised especially during this month and gain back the spiritual shine by washing away the sins. In order to refresh our devotion to almighty and our belief in the creator, we must forsake all such ill practices and seek our shelter in the mercy of almighty and what better time than Ramadan for which Allah promises us great rewards of forgiveness. 

Even if we have committed infinite sins, Allah promises us that no sins are bigger that his mercy.  So, his mercy and forgiveness cannot be measured as it is limitless. Allah has kept the doors of repentance open especially during this blessed month and one must not lose this opportunity and the untold blessings. 

Fasting in the holy month of Ramadan is a way to get very close to Allah. There is a verse in Surat al-Baqarah in relation to this month of fasting wherein Allah addresses to us: ‘O’ you believers, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you that you may become righteous’. 

We perform this practice physically in which we forsake all those things which could break our fast and by doing so, we are obviously enlightening our spirits and our souls. Allah merely wants Taqwa from us and the month of Ramadan in itself is a reward for Muslims to attain a certain degree of closeness. It constantly relieves our body from different diseases, such as; hyperglycemia, stomach ache, diabetes, and so on. 

Muslims have a strong faith that whatever has been given to them is believed to have countless benefits in all aspects. So it is essential to reconnect souls with the divine’s enlightenment is deemed to be a sustenance for internal purification. No other connection would satisfy our souls with such a huge power and inspiration. On the other hand, repentance is the other remedy that switches our conscious mind to Allah after committing any sin. 

It is his divine power that can lead his slaves to the right path. Men or women are equally prone to commit sins but the best one amongst them will repent instantly and frequently. So, it is very good for everyone to introspect on bad deeds. Allah loves those who cry throughout the night and repent over their sins and he promises in the holy Quran that he will resolve all their problems.    

The month of Ramadan specially conveys the same message for the entire Muslim Umma and guides them to achieve Taqwa by discovering the righteous path. This blessed month of Ramadan can truly change us when we worship and perform good deeds just for the sake of Allah. Indeed! Our hearts have been tainted by foul deeds and the scars constantly grow to further darken our souls. 

The entire Muslim ummah is in distress, pain and other adversities but they are strongly hopeful that their lord will free them from the clutch of pains and misfortunes. May Allah give us strong will power for worshipping and open our hearts to help destitute for giving alms. The more we extend our helping hands in this month. The more we will be rewarded by Allah. Let’s shun away bad and filthy things and adopt good that will purify our hearts. 

The writer is a teacher.

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