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Thousands throng Dargah Hazratbal for prayers

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Srinagar: Thousands of devotees from across the valley thronged Dargah Hazratbal and other shrines to offer congregational prayers today on Friday following Shab-e-Mi’raj.

Mi’raj, according to the Islamic lunar calendar, is observed on the 27th day of the month of Rajab, commemorating the Prophet Muhammad’s (SAW) ascent to heaven.

While the biggest gathering converged at Dargah Hazratbal, congregational Friday prayers were also held at various other shrines and mosques in the valley.

Emotional scenes were witnessed with worshippers raising their hands in supplication to seek forgiveness from Allah, as soon as the chief cleric of the shrine put the holy relic, which is believed to be the hair strand of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) on display.

Following every prayer, there was a display of holy relic and an occasion-specific praise for Allah and his last messenger.

Congregational prayers Friday following Shab-e-Meraj were also held at Asar-e-Sharief Shahr-e-Kalashpora, Jenab Sahab Soura, Khanqah-e-Maula, Ziarat Hazrat Dastageer Sahab (RA) Khanyar and Sarai Payeen, Syed Yaqoob Sahab (RA) Sonwar, Khawaja Naqshband Sahab (RA) and Ziarat Makhdoom Sahib (RA).

Reports of similar gatherings were received from north and south Kashmir as well, marking the participation of a large number of worshippers.


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