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Dhami govt fulfilling ancestors’ promise under PM Modi’s leadership: BJP on UCC Bill in Uttarakhand

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New Delhi:  The BJP on Tuesday welcomed the tabling of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) Bill in the Uttarakhand Assembly, saying the Pushkar Singh Dhami government under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is fulfilling the promise made by “our ancestors”.

The ruling party reminded those opposing the state government’s move that Article 44 of the Constitution stipulates that the “State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”.

UCC is part of the “constitutional vision”, BJP national spokesperson Nalin Kohli asserted.

The Uttarakhand government on Tuesday tabled in the assembly the Uniform Civil Code bill, which when passed will be the first such legislation to be implemented in any state after Independence.

The bill proposes a common law on marriage, divorce, land, property and inheritance for all citizens, irrespective of their religion in Uttarakhand, excluding the Scheduled Tribes.

It also provides for registration of live-in relationships in the state and imprisonment of three months for failure to do so within a month. Any child born out of such a relationship will be considered legitimate.

“We welcome it,” senior BJP leader and Union minister Meenakshi Lekhi told a press conference at the party headquarters here while replying to a query.

She said the Uttarakhand government has tabled the bill in the state assembly to fulfil its “constitutional duty”.

“Makers of the Constitution had discussed the matter (UCC) several times before putting in a provision for this. Dhami ji, our government and party leaders are fulfilling the promise of our ancestors under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi ji,” Lekhi said.

“All of our ancestors will be blessing them today,” she added.

Kohli said the Uttarakhand government has brought in the Bill the “vision of the Constitution of India”.

“This is the vision of the Constitution which is pending implementation. BJP has certainly stood for what is in the Constitution,” he told PTI when asked for comments.

Kohli said those opposing the Uttarakhand government’s move are ignoring the fact that Article 44 of the Constitution stipulates that the State shall endeavour to bring a uniform civil code.

“One can’t turn around and say that what is in the Constitution is not good for Indian citizens and take the argument that I will not accept one part of the Constitution but shall happily exercise his rights that flow from another part of it,” the BJP leader said.

“The Constitution is one document. It applies equally to all citizens. As far as UCC is concerned, it is part of the constitutional vision,” he added.

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