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District Magistrate Jammu orders nullification of land mutation

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JAMMU: In a recent directive by District Magistrate Sachin Kumar Vaishya, a land mutation, bearing No. 42 and dated October 3, 2005, has been declared unsustainable under the law and is set to be nullified.

The order follows a representation received from applicants Sukhdev Singh, Romesh Singh and Subash Singh, who claimed ownership of land measuring 48 Kanal 07 Marla in village Paragpura, Tehsil Akhnoor.

The applicants alleged discrepancies in the land records, asserting that despite their ownership since March 7, 2002, the records still show it under the ownership and possession of the State.

A detailed report from Tehsildar Pargwal, including relevant revenue records, revealed that the applicants indeed purchased the specified land in 2002. However, discrepancies were identified in the issuance of the Fard, which was dated February 11, 2002, based on the Jamabandi of the year 1966-67 instead of the latest available in 1995-96, contrary to the Land Revenue Act.

Further investigation revealed that a portion of the purchased land, measuring 34 Kanal 06 Marlas, had been escheated to the State under the Agrarian Reform Act, 1976, through Mutation No. 24.

The District Magistrate highlighted two key violations viz The escheatment of the purchased land to the State’ & ‘The illegal issuance of the Fard by revenue officials, violating provisions of the Land Revenue Act’.

As a result, the District Magistrate ordered the nullification of Mutation No. 42 dated October 3, 2005, specifically concerning the portion escheated to the State. The Tehsildar Pargwal was directed to implement the order in revenue records promptly and submit an action taken report within 2 days. Additionally, the delinquent officials responsible for the illegal Fard issuance are to be identified for further necessary action.

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