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Sajad Lone spearheads workshop on innovative election strategies

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Srinagar: J&K Peoples Conference President Sajad Gani Lone today conducted a workshop that brought together influential youth from district Kupwara.

The primary objective of this session was to formulate innovative election strategies aimed at enhancing outreach, encompassing both physical and digital platforms.

During the workshop, Lone emphasized the imperative adoption of modern election techniques. He pointed out the evolving landscape of contemporary times, stressing that methodologies from the past might not align with the dynamic nature of today’s political environment.

Lone also stressed the need to leverage digital and social media platforms in the election campaign. Recognising the transformative impact of these platforms, he emphasised the pivotal role of digital and social media in enhancing outreach and advancing the party’s vision and message.

Furthermore, Lone underscored the critical role of strategic foresight in the electoral process. He also stressed on how effective planning stands as a cornerstone, playing a pivotal role in shaping successful election outcomes.

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