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Can AI replace human emotions?

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By: Shahid Ahmed Hakla

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. These tasks include learning, reasoning, problem solving, speech recognition, understanding natural language etc.

The widespread adoption of AI has promised to create new jobs & make workers more productive, but these changes have come up with a cost. Since 2000, automation systems have slowly phased out many manufacturing jobs- 1.7 million of them & white collar jobs are now also at risk of being automated into obsolescence.

AI is replacing & will be replacing   some jobs, Workers in industries ranging from healthcare to agriculture & industrial sectors can all expect to see disruptions in hiring due to AI. But demand for workers in other sectors is also expected to rise, thanks to AI.

According to World Economic Forum’s “ THE FUTURE OF JOBS REPORT 2020 ”, AI is expected to replace 85 million jobs worldwide like Customer care services, drivers, Computer Programmer etc by 2025 . Though it’s scary, the report goes on to say that it will also create 97 million new jobs in that same timeframe.

When AI itself was asked “CAN YOU REPLACE HUMAN EMOTIONS” its answer was – “While I can understand & generate text based on patterns & information present in the data I was trained on, I lack personal experiences, emotions & consciousness. Human feelings are complex and are deeply rooted in personnel experiences, consciousness & biological factors. While I can provide information, support or generate text that might evolve certain sentiments, I don’t have the capacity for genuine emotions or personal experiences”.

The increasing reliance on AI & technology for emotional support & companionship is a concerning trend, as humans are losing the ability to show patience, compassion, & acceptance towards each other. The popularity of Chatbot apps which provide comfort &empathy, highlights the issue.

Many people fantasize of having someone in their life whounderstands them, cares for them, loves them unconditionally & they might have got several people & expected high positive response from them but got hurt in return. This entire process gives the insight to meet the people we want.

People take help from AI apps for their relationship stability while some found solace in AI chatbot relationship. So, AI is emerging as a powerful 3rd party in our relationship but the problem emerges when it becomes the 1st party and AI aspires for perfection while relationships are full of ups & downs.

AI don’t have the expressions, emotions, & despite of giving in writing the consoling, it can’t console you like a human does. A human pats on you, feels you, stops you from doing anything wrong etc& the most important thing that humans can understand, feel & see you when you are in stress or lonely despite of the fact that you haven’t told them where as AI will come to now of this only when you tell it.

When you ask AI about how not to feel lonely, it will suggest you to be with friends and families which itself proves the point in all.

If you get hurt physically or mentally, AI will give you the suggestions, but the love, affection a human can give you can be replaced by none and sometimes love can help you heal faster than medicines.

So, yes AI can help you to get in connection with people through chatbot apps, social media etc but it cannot fully replace human emotions, it can only give suggestions and aspires for perfection irrespective of whether you follow it or not where as a person who is close to you and wants good of you will give you suggestions, and will save you no matter what. Moreover presence of someone with us is itself a blessing which can’t be replaced by AI.

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