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Despite warnings, Srinagar girl loses Rs 5 lakhs to scammers in two weeks

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Srinagar: Despite repeated warnings from her parents to not invest money without verifying the credentials of the company, a girl from Srinagar’s old city lost rupees five lakh in the first two weeks of the current month to the scammers.

“I blame myself for the loss I suffered in these dire financial situations. I foolishly invested my parents’ hard-earned money into a fraudulent company, which stands sealed, after its proprietors fled with millions, leaving gullible people like me rubbing their hands,” said a girl from Srinagar, who fell victim to scammers and lost five lakh rupees.

Areeba (name changed), a girl in her early twenties, said she rushed to the Karan Nagar office of the ‘Curative Survey Agency’ upon learning that the proprietors of the company have made off with millions.

“I just have myself to blame as I lost five lakh rupees to my greed. I am solely accountable for the huge loss I suffered, even though my parents had warned me not to invest money without first verifying the company’s credentials, but I ignored their warnings,” Areeba told ‘Kashmir Images’.

The investigation into the instant case has been expedited and a number of people, including some social media influencers, have been rounded up for questioning, a senior official at the J&K Police’s Cyber Cell informed ‘Kashmir Images’.

He was, however, quick to add that no worthwhile progress has been made in the case as of now.

“We are looking into the matter from every angle, but haven’t had any major success yet. We have expedited the investigation as a result of the increasing pressure from people who have been duped, and we hope to crack the case soon,” he added.

Those who had already invested in the firm, Areeba claimed, assured her that the money would double in just 15 days.

“I found the scheme appealing after hearing from a well-known social media influencer that the money will double in fifteen days. In the first week of December I deposited two lakh rupees, and subsequently three lakh more in the second week; so I have lost Rs five lakh in two weeks,” she said.

The news of the company downing its shutters and making off with millions of rupees, she said, hit her like a bombshell.

“My father is a small businessman, and learning about the fraud will leave him in a shock. I don’t know what to do, and what to tell my parents,” she said.

Areeba, a final-year student, urged the authorities to speed up investigation and arrest those who have duped the people like her.

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