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‘Muhammad Ishaq Arif’: The man who changed lives! 

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By: Sadaket Malik

Muhammad Ishaq Arif, born in the Bhalessa (Bhatyas) area of Doda to Munawar Din Malik is a revered name in the realms of literature, journalism, and education. His life story weaves a sense of dedication and accomplishment, leaving an indelible mark in literary fields.

In the field of literature, he has been a beacon, illuminating the path with his insightful writings and contributions. His literary works resonate not only within the confines of AlhajGhQadirGaniPuri but echo far beyond, reaching diverse audiences and inspiring generations. Through his pen, he has undoubtedly enriched the literary heritage of the region. Edited more than two dozen books and has been a part of the managerial affairs of JamiaGunyatulUloomJakyasBhalessa (A seminary institution imparting conventional as well as madrasa education to the youth).

He has to his credit several articles and write-ups which resonate the social and educational and other aspects of life. His articles are widely published in local Urdu dailies.

His journey in journalism has been marked by a commitment to truth and a dedication to disseminating truth. As a journalist, he has played a pivotal role in keeping the people informed, fostering a sense of awareness and connectivity. His journalistic endeavors have become a vital part of the local narrative. He has disseminated the truth which resonates with the public welfare and for the larger interest of the trio tehsils of BhalessavizGandoh, ChillyPingal, Kahara and beyond.

For him education however, stands as the cornerstone of his legacy. His commitment significantly shaped the future of many, some of whom, attained special positions in the bureaucracy and other aspects of life.

As an advocate for knowledge and learning, he has tirelessly worked to retention and has motivated the students of the area for the importance of education leaving an enduring impact on their life.

Beyond the accolades, his influence reaches into the hearts of those touched by his inner beauty. His life story serves as an inspiration, illustrating the power of passion and perseverance in transforming students. In every facet of his multifaceted journey, he has exemplified the transformative potential that individuals possess when driven by a genuine commitment to bettering the world around them.

His integral role along with Hafiz Manzoor Ahmed Mir at the forefront of AlhajGhulamQadirGaniPuri’s  education movement is commendable. Their collaborative efforts laid the foundation for the publication of AlhajGanipuri’s literature, contributing significantly to the educational landscape of JamiaGunyatul-Uloom.

His commitment extended to the organising of seminars, quiz competitions, and discussions, fostering an environment where children could showcase their abilities. This not only nurtured a spirit of healthy competition but also provided a platform for students to excel, thereby enhancing the overall educational quality.

Under AlhajGaniPuri’s guidance, JamiaGhaniyatul-Uloom evolved into a beacon of educational enlightenment, attracting students from diverse backgrounds. He played a pivotal role in garnering recognition and fame for the institution. The establishment of “RisalahGhaniyatul-Uloom,” the first magazine under GaniPuri’s supervision, reflected his dedicated efforts.

While he was not a Hafiz or Qari himself, his influence was evident in his students’ success, securing top positions in various educational competitions. His written works, spanning poems and articles on social and societal issues, resonated widely at the grassroots level. His multifaceted contributions exemplify his  dedication to holistic development of his students.

His literary acumen encompasses prowess of both prose and poetry, showcasing his versatility and creative brilliance. In the realm of poetry, his naats and marsias have garnered widespread recognition, becoming poignant expressions of religious devotion and cultural significance.

His poetic endeavors are marked by a distinctive style that not only captures the essence of religious themes but also resonates with the hearts of those who appreciate the beauty of language and expression. His naats reflect a deep spiritual connection and have found a special place in the hearts of listeners, fostering a sense of reverence and devotion.

In the realm of marsia, a form of elegiac poetry often associated with commemorating the tragic events. His compositions demonstrate a profound understanding of emotions and historical narratives. Through his marsias, he has skilfully woven together words that evoke empathy, introspection, and a connection to the cultural and religious heritage.

The widespread recognition of his naats and marsias attests not only to his literary prowess but also to his ability to touch the souls of those who engage with his work. His contributions in both prose and poetry serve as a testament to his commitment to preserving and enriching the cultural and religious tapestry, leaving an indelible mark in the hearts and minds of his audience.

His influence extends beyond literature and poetry; he is also an accomplished columnist and journalist associated with various media houses. His insightful commentary and journalistic contributions have enriched the media landscape, providing a platform for him to share perspectives on a wide range of topics.

His role as a columnist underscores his ability to critically analyze and articulate his thoughts on societal issues, politics, and current affairs. Through his writings, he contributes to public discourse, offering valuable insights and fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities within the communities he engages with.

As a bureau chief of local Daily newspaper he highlights the issues of urgent public importance. Aligned with different media houses, he brings a wealth of experience and a dedication to objective reporting. His work in journalism not only reflects a commitment to disseminating information but also highlights his role as a conscientious observer and commentator.

In his roles as a columnist and journalist, Muhammad IshaqArif continues to play a crucial part in shaping public opinion, fostering dialogue, and contributing to the vibrant media discourse.

His commitment is further exemplified by his role as the founder of the Inspire Bhalessa Trust (A regd. trust working to hone the talent of the students.) Under the auspices of this trust, he has organised numerous programs of public interest, with a particular focus on education and the acknowledgment of individuals across diverse fields.

The Inspire Bhalessa Trust, initiated by him, serves as a catalyst for positive change, channeling efforts toward enhancing education and recognizing the achievements of individuals making significant contributions in various domains. Through a series of well-organized programs, the trust has become a vehicle for fostering a sense of competition and inspiration in the Bhalessa area.

His dedication to education is evident in the trust’s initiatives which aim to promote learning, skill development, and academic excellence. Simultaneously, the trust plays a pivotal role in acknowledging and honouring the accomplishments of individuals who have excelled in their respective fields, contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of students and society.

The programs organized by the Inspire Bhalessa Trust stand evidence  to Muhammad IshaqArif’s visionary leadership, reflecting his  commitment to the betterment of society through educational empowerment and the celebration of diverse talents and achievements. Besides this he has been part of Alkhair Foundation Doda and worked in the entire District for the orphans and disadvantaged students. Arif also founded Khidmat i Khalaq Trust under the ambit of which an orphan school is operating in Doda.

Renowned for his expertise in Mathematics and Urdu, his proficiency in various subjects, combined with his ability to motivate students, reflects the divine gift of imparting knowledge. His commitment is a source of inspiration for all.

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