Dr. Tasaduk Hussain Itoo


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To begin with, I would like to acknowledge the writers and writing community for their positive efforts in impacting lives.

There is a large pool of talented writers whose contentis highly intellectualized based on research and a positive thought process which they should continue with same passion, zeal, enthusiasm.Keep on learning and growing!

Given the potential in writing and research, there is a need to bring ourselves to the forefront, explore our potential at all levels (state, national and international) and channelize our talent to invest in research in diverse fields with a purpose of service to humanity.

Writers should make the best efforts while composing their write-ups and papers and writer with a positive purpose in order to create a positive impact and transformation in the society.

Moreover, while writing about health education, public health awareness and education is crucial and, as doctors, we should put our best efforts in fostering and imparting health education among the masses.

The emerging trends of lifestyle diseases alsoneed to be discussed thoroughly in our writings so that such issues are addressed effectively at primary care level.

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