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Hosting International Film Festival in Kashmir ‘great honor’: Babbar Subash

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Srinagar: Veteran Bollywood producer and director, Babbar Subash said on Wednesday that organizing prestigious events like the International Film Festival in Kashmir is a ‘great honor for the Indian film industry’.

Extolling the sublime splendor of Kashmir by calling it as a veritable paradise on Earth, the maker of iconic 1980’s Mithun Chakraborty starrer films like ‘Dance Dance’, ‘Disco Dancer’, and ‘Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki’, expressed excitement about filming his next movie in Kashmir.

He also urged the J&K government to declare incentives like subsidies for the local youth interested in film-making, saying the move will help ease unemployment in Kashmir.

“Hosting prestigious events like the International Film Festival in Kashmir is a great honor for all of us, in fact for the whole Indian film industry. We hope that a growing number of filmmakers from across the country will shoot their films in Kashmir,” Babbar told the media on the sidelines of the second edition of The International Film Festival of Srinagar (TIFFS) at the Tagore Hall here.

The event was organized to mark the 100th birth anniversary of the legendary Bollywood actor, late Dev Anand.

The veteran Bollywood filmmaker stated that he had always loved visiting here as he had not seen a place as stunning as Kashmir anywhere else in the world.

“I have always loved travelling to Kashmir, which is a paradise on earth. I have travelled to many places around the world, but none have been as stunning as Kashmir. Historically, Kashmir has played host to a number of blockbuster films and I hope the filmmaking process will continue to push Kashmir to new heights in future as well,” he added.

Asking if he intended to shoot any of his upcoming movies in Kashmir, Babbar said he was currently discussing his next project with his co-producers.

“Sure I will produce a film in Kashmir soon, as I love to make it and that’s why I am here. In fact I am eager to do it as early as possible,” he said.


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