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NC, PDP condemn Bidhuri’s remarks against BSP MP

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Srinagar: Political parties in Jammu and Kashmir on Friday strongly condemned BJP MP Ramesh Bidhuri’s objectionable remarks in the Lok Sabha against BSP parliamentarian Danish Ali.

While National Conference leader Omar Abdullah said Bidhuri’s remarks against the BSP MP revealed what the BJP thinks about Muslims, PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti said the BJP should “spray phenyl” to stop its leaders from using such foul language.

Bidhuri made certain objectionable remarks targeted at Ali on Thursday night during a discussion in the Lok Sabha on the success of the Chandrayaan-3 lunar mission.

Abdullah said he felt both ashamed and angry over it.

“If he had been only called a terrorist, I can understand as we are habitual to hear it. But he has been called such things that I do not want to repeat here. I am ashamed that such words were used in the Parliament… I am angry also because these words were used against all Muslims. I don’t understand how the Muslims in BJP are bearing it,” the former chief minister said.

“The words that were used were for the entire Muslim community, it was not only against one honourable MP. It reveals their thinking towards Muslims. The Parliament is new but the thinking is old, deplorable,” he told reporters here.

PDP leader Mufti, another former chief minister, also condemned Bidhuri’s remarks.

“The BJP should have sprayed phenyl to clean the mouths of their people so that the beasts like him (Bidhuri) could not use such foul language,” she told reporters.

NC leader Abdullah said politicians should corner each other on political issues and governance while keeping religion out of it.

“I don’t want to get into religious conflicts. I only want to say that no religion can be under threat just because of one person. I can talk of Islam, I know how strong our religion is. Similarly, if anyone makes remarks against Hindu religion, I would like to think that the religion is much stronger than one person’s opinion.

“Such statements should not be made. We are political people, we can oppose each other on politics, on issues, in the performance of the government,” he added.

When asked about steps that should be taken by the government in J&K, Abdullah said the biggest step will be to give the people their own government.

“Whoever wins the elections let them form the government. Why are they running away from elections, I don’t understand. The situation is not so bad that you cannot hold elections. Let’s see what they do next,” he added.

On the arrest of deputy superintendent of police Sheikh Adil here on Wednesday following a warrant from a local court, Abdullah said if he has been arrested, the police must have evidence against him.

“I know Adil to the extent that he was posted at Airport few years ago where we would meet each other. He has relations with our party. He is the son-in-law of one of our leaders. I can understand what they must be going through.

“Now, they have arrested him, let them proceed with the case. Whatever the court decides will be acceptable to all,” he said.

The former chief minister, however, said the probe agencies should investigate allegations against all people.

“But we are compelled to ask about the allegations levelled by a senior officer about embezzlement of Rs 3,000 crore in Jal Jeevan mission in J&K. Why was there no investigation? I am not saying the allegation is true but it should be investigated,” he said.

While talking to reporters, PDP chief Mufti also accused the BJP of using the blood of the people including security forces and minorities for their electoral gains.

She alleged that the BJP thrives on conflict between India and Pakistan.

“(Former PM) Vajpayee’s line was different, he wanted peace. So did Manmohan Singh. Today’s BJP wants to keep this issue alive. They want violence and thrive on conflict between India and Pakistan so that they can seek votes.

“They sought votes in the name of the 40 CRPF personnel killed in Pulwama attack in 2019. They are not concerned about friendship or dialogue. When it comes to J-K, conflict suits the BJP so that they can create another drama or an incident or there is some negligence by virtue of which a Pulwama like incident happens,” she said. (With inputs from PTI)

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