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Success of G20 belongs to 140 crore Indians not to individual or party: PM in LS

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New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday credited 140 crore Indians for the success of the G20 Summit held here, saying it does not belong to any individual or a party.

Initiating the discussion in Lok Sabha on “Parliamentary Journey of 75 years starting from Samvidhan Sabha — Achievements, Experiences, Memories and Learnings”, he said the federal structure, diversity, and different state governments welcomed delegates the guests. He also said a summit of the Speakers of Parliaments of the G20 countries will be held soon.

“The success of G-20 belongs to 140 crore Indians. This is the success of India, not of any individual, not the success of any party. The federal structure of India, the diversity of India made it possible to host more than 200 meetings at 60 places to show the myriad colours of India,” PM Modi said.

He said everyone should celebrate this success, and India should be proud that the African Union joined G20 under its presidency.

“I cannot forget the emotional moment when the African Union (joining G20) was announced, and the President of the African Union said he would probably cry while speaking,” the prime minister said.

Modi also spoke on the consensus achieved on the G20 declaration. He said many speculated a declaration would not come out of the G20 summit. “But this is India’s strength, a declaration came with consensus.”

PM Modi said India has the G20 presidency till November, and P20 – a summit of Speakers of Parliaments of the G20 countries, will be held soon.

The world has found a friend in India, Modi said.

Referring to the old Parliament building where he was speaking, Modi said while foreign rulers had decided to build the structure, it was constructed by the hard work, sweat and money of the people of India.

Before Independence, this building was called the Imperial Legislative Council. After Independence, it became Parliament building, he said.

In these 75 years, many democratic traditions have been formed and everyone in the House has contributed to it, Modi said.

“We may go to the new building, but the old building will also inspire generations to come,” the prime minister noted, adding this is an important chapter of India’s journey.


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