Kashmir Sports Cadre: Great initiatives by UT Admin

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The Union Territory administration has approved creation of Jammu and Kashmir Sports Cadre while creating235 posts including 10 gazetted ones for appointment ofoutstanding sports persons. The decision has been hailed by all particularly by the ones who have chosen sports as their career. The initiative has every potential to give a flip to the sports culture and will attract more and more youth towards sports activities. The initiative will have a significant positive impact on the sports culture in the region in several waysas when the young sports persons see others from their own region succeeding and being employed in government sector, it can serve as a powerful source of inspiration. This can encourage more youngsters to take up sports seriously and work towards a career in sports. Jammu and Kashmir has a rich sporting tradition, and providing employment opportunities to athletes can help in nurturing and developing this talent further.The creation of jobs will also lead to investments in sports infrastructure and facilities. To support these sports persons, there may be a need for better training centers, sports academies, and sports equipment. This can, in turn, benefit the entire sporting community and as understandably these jobs will be distributed across various sports disciplines, not just cricket or popular sports, promoting and rewarding athletes from different sports can lead to diversification in the sports culture, with more sports gaining prominence in the region.

The youth is the most talented but, at the same time, vulnerable section of the society. As we, in these columns, have regularly been highlighting the menace of drug trafficking and abuse, it is the youth of J&K that is victim of this abuse. Diverting his/her attention towards sports will undoubtedly pull youth in the right direction and when athletes from a region are employed and engaged in various sports-related roles, they often become community role models. They can actively engage with local communities, schools, and colleges, encouraging participation in sports and healthy lifestyles.More sports persons in the region can lead to increased participation in sports events and competitions. This can include both local and national-level events. Hosting such events can foster a sense of pride and identity within the community and the process can improve sports governance as with more athletes actively involved in sports, there might be increased interest and participation in sports governance. This could lead to better management and policies to support athletes and the sports culture as a whole. Besides, the creation of these jobs can have a positive economic impact on the region. Sports-related activities can boost tourism, stimulate local businesses, and contribute to the overall development of the area.

Secondly, as more youngsters from Jammu and Kashmir get involved in sports, it’s possible that some of them might represent India at international events, bringing recognition and pride to the region on a global scale. It goes without saying that youngsters from Jammu and Kashmir have already reached to the international levels with several having participated in Olympics, the talented skier, Arif Khan being one amongst them.

To conclude, one can safely say that the creation of jobs for sports persons in Jammu and Kashmir can be a catalyst for the growth and development of sports culture in the region. It can inspire, nurture talent, improve infrastructure, engage the community, and have broader economic and social impacts that contribute to the overall well-being and identity of the region.

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