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PDP protests removing duty on import of American apple

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Srinagar: J&K Peoples Democratic Party (J&KPDP) today protested against the removal of import duties on foreign apples and termed it as Economic terrorism against J&K Farmers and fruit growers. 

Speaking to the media, Suhail Bukhari, the Chief Spokesperson for PDP, expressed concerns about the impact of the recent development on the Apple industry in Jammu & Kashmir & Himachal Pradesh. He emphasized that the decision to eliminate duties will have severe consequences for the economic well-being of both Jammu & Kashmir and Himachal Pradesh. Additionally, he pointed out that local fruit sales had been facing potential adverse effects for the past three years. 

Bukhari said that GOI’s decision has come at a time when there is a harvesting season of Apple at peak and prices have already gone down whereas last year at the same time our fruit-laden trucks were deliberately made to stand on the highway which resulted in huge crises to the people associated with this fruit industry. He said that BJP making tall claims of economic stability but actually, its anti-people decisions have exposed its real face and now people have realised the actual face of BJP for its deliberate attempts to target J&K economically.

Bukhari said that the hasty decision of GOI would have a devastating effect on local growers, particularly in J&K, which has already grappling with huge losses since 2019. Terming this as a grave injustice he said, “In order to keep Americans and other foreign countries happy, the central government not only have closed its eyes towards its own people who need much to tackle with grave economic crises and it seems GOI is less concerned about its own people who are facing greater consequences with this decision.”

Bukhari urged that GOI need to rethink its decision to provide relief to all the fruit growers of J&K, Himachal, and Uttarakhand etc.

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