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Dysfunctional elevator at Sarai of SMHS Hospital adds to patients’ inconvenience

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Srinagar: The sole elevator of Sarai (lodging facility) of Shri Maharaja Hari Singh (SMHS) Hospital in Srinagar has been non-functional for an extended period causing immense inconvenience to patients and their families who have come from distant places seeking medical treatment.

The SMHS Hospital, a prominent healthcare institution in the region, offers a dedicated five-storey Sarai for outstation patients and their attendants, providing them with a place to stay during their medical treatments. However, the malfunctioning elevator has turned what was meant to be a supportive service into a major source of frustration and inconvenience.

Patients, particularly those with limited mobility, diagnosed with cancer or those requiring urgent medical attention, have been struggling to navigate the hospital premises due to the non-functional elevator. The situation is exacerbated by the fact that the Sarai is housed in a multi-story building, making it difficult for patients to reach their respective floors without elevator access.

Relatives of patients have expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation, highlighting the added stress this malfunction has caused at an already challenging time. Many families have voiced concerns and forwarded written applications to hospital administration to rectify the problem, pointing out that it has not only inconvenienced patients but has also disrupted the smooth flow of medical care.

As per reliable sources, the elevator, which was installed by The J&K Projects Construction Corporation Limited (JKPCC), has not yet been handed over to the Mechanical Engineering Department-MED (Hospital Wing) for operational control. This delay of takeover is affecting the necessary repair and maintenance work.

“I have acknowledged the issue and forwarded it to relevant authorities who are working to expedite the repair process,” says Mehraj Ahmad Beg, Manager of Sarai SMHS Hospital.

Dr. Muzaffar Zargar, Medical Superintendent (MS), SMHS Hospital, said that the issue has been conveyed to the concerned Superintending Engineer. “Basically the lift hasn’t yet been handed over to our mechanical division, I have written to JKPCC, and their chief technician will assess the situation,” he says.

When asked about the timeline for getting the lift operational, Dr. Zargar stated, “I have conveyed to them now it’s in the hands of the Superintending Engineer.”

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