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Instagram Visionaries Unveil Sonamarg’s Beauty: Rouf and Manzoor’s Creative Expedition

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Srinagar: In the mesmerizing Valley of Kashmir, two friends are igniting social media with their captivating content, painting vivid portraits of Sonamarg’s natural beauty. Abdul Rouf Raina, renowned as rouf_kashmir on Instagram, and Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh have fused their talents to not only spotlight the gripping landscapes of Sonamarg but also showcase the strength of friendship and inspiration.

Rouf Kashmiri is not just a content creator but an artistic visionary who has marked his name in the digital realm in the past few years. With a following of over a million on Instagram in the travel category, he stands as the first Kashmiri to reach this milestone. His journey into content creation commenced in 2014 when he uploaded his client videos on YouTube by chance. “I used to work as a tour guide and photographer and casually uploaded a few videos of my clients on social media,” says Rouf.

What began as an unintentional act turned into a passion that saw Rouf flourish on platforms such as Facebook and YouTube initially, and ultimately Instagram in February 2021, which proved to be a game changer for him.

Rouf’s content largely features the landscapes of Sonamarg, captivating viewers with the region’s natural beauty, lush meadows, and snow-capped peaks. “Tourism is crucial for Kashmir, it forms our backbone. We must unveil our treasures and share them with the world,” he emphasized, highlighting his mission to boost tourism.

This journey took an interesting turn when Roufintroduced his friend, Manzoor Ahmad Sheikh, to the realm of content creation. “My friend Rouf led me here,” Manzoor reflects, acknowledging Rouf’s role as a guiding light. Thus, the Instagram handle @mannu_kashmiri emerged in 2017, marking the inception of Manzoor’s journey.

Equipped with an iPhone 14 Pro Max, DJI Osmo 6 gimbal, DJI Mini 3 Pro drone, and Sony A7III, Manzoor artfully captures Sonamarg’s essence. His content mirrors his mentor’s, focusing on the region’s serene landscapes and spotless beauty.

In a similar vein to others, Rouf and Manzoor’s path in content creation has been strewn with challenges. They acknowledge that the profession is demanding, time-consuming, with limited resources and earnings. “Social media, for us, is more of a leisure pursuit than a lucrative occupation,” says Rouf. However, both of them have mastered the art of generating income through promotional collaborations. While Rouf has teamed up with powerhouses like Tata Motors, Ola, Crado, 1X Bet, Explurger, and Royal Field, Manzoor, on the flip side, has also ventured into partnerships with Ola Electric, 1X Bet, Explurger, Asian Footwears, and more, bestowing a distinct dimension upon his entrepreneurial endeavors.

Expanding beyond content creation, both Rouf and Manzoor engage in diverse pursuits which include managing hotel business and offering tourist photography and guiding services, showcasing their multifaceted spirit. Together, they present a united front, harnessing their talents to spotlight Sonamarg’scharm and thrust it onto the global stage.

Their collaborative endeavors don’t just illuminate Sonamarg’s allure, but stand as a beacon of inspiration, urging others to uncover concealed gems in their own vicinity.

In a digital era saturated with content, Rouf and Manzoor serve as proof of humanity’s potential to find beauty, meaning, and opportunities in unexpected places. Their visual story of Sonamarg’s beauty encourages people to step away from screens and discover the magic in their own backyards.

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