Hail LG administration

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Allowing Muharram procession on traditional route…

By allowing and facilitation Muharram procession on 8th of the month through traditional route, the LG administration has earned praise and appreciation from every section of the society here. It was after 34 years that mourners were allowed to take the procession from Guru Bazar to Dalgate. From three decades, people had been pressing the authorities, that be, for allowing the procession through this route, however, it was never allowed and most of the times the authorities would impose curfew to disallow people from taking out the procession. This time around the LG administration listened to the people, understood their sentiment and respected it by allowing the passage of the procession. The decision is being hailed by one and all. The mourners in hundreds and thousands took to streets reciting praises to Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) and other martyrs of Karbala. The authorities had made ample arrangements for smooth passage of the procession and credit should go to all the concerned agencies who were tasked with smooth passage of the procession. Religious groups as well as the civil society should also get the credit and above all the mourners who exhibited utmost discipline and made sure that the procession marches and concluded peacefully.

While the LG administration took a bold and calculated decision and thus made history, the event also coveys that when the government listens to the public, understands their sentiments and respects the same, it can make any bold decision and the same public would not only appreciate but contribute too. What was witnessed on 8th of Muharram was a sea of mourners marching on Srinagar’s erstwhile volatile streets with religious zeal and confident that no harm will come to anyone as they had full faith in the ability of the LG administration. One wonders that why all these 34 years, such a decision wasn’t made by the respective governments. It is interesting to note that, this time round, the demand of allowing the procession on this route was being made by the politicians, who when in power in erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, would declare curfew and ban any movement of mourners on this route on this particular day. Those rulers had either no faith in public or in their own capability and capacity. While as the present dispensation has proved that where there is a will, there is a way. It trusted people and people reciprocated with full cooperation and faith.

Peoples’ voice is supreme. Their sentiments and aspirations are to be respected. They are to be listened to and that is what the LG administration did today. Its decision has won peoples’ hearts. Its decision of listening to the people and respecting their sentiments is a reminder for all that what a people-centric-administration means.

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