Flash floods – impacted people need help

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The incessant rains in almost all districts of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir trigged mud-slides and flash floods in several area. From Fakir Gujri area in Srinagar outskirts to villages in Kupwara and Kulgam, huge losses of standing crop were reports. The flash floods also damaged roads, water pipelines and electric transmission lines in several areas. Paddy fields, vegetables and apple orchards too have got damaged in both the districts creating panic among the growers who are face to face with huge losses. In Jammu division, several residential houses and other structures were damaged duo to floods. However, thankfully there was no loss of life reported as authorities and the locals swung into action and evacuated the affected families. Reportedly at least 36 families were Saturday evacuated to safer places from the Garkhal area of Akhnoor, following the collapse of a concrete house and four kachcha houses due to soil erosion. In Kathua district also, several families were evacuated to safer places following mudslides hitting their homes. Reports pouring in from some other areas of  the UT also suggest damage to standing crops including apples. 

Though the administration has geared up its men and machinery to deal with the situation and are busy ensuring the safety of the people, need is that the concerned agriculture and horticulture teams are deputed to the effected areas. These teams should visit the destruction sites and make an honest assessment of the losses suffered by the growers. Similarly in Kathua and Akhnoor, those who houses have got damaged need quick and effective administrative intervention.

Be it agriculturists and horticulturists of Fakir Gujri, Kupwara or Kulgam or the people whose homes were destroyed in Kathua and Akhnoor, they are the poor people whose economy solely depends on whatever their lands produce. Unfortunately they have suffered huge losses and thus need a liberal administrative assistance. The administration should ensure that they get the assistance without any delay as justice delayed is justice denied.

The areas where road infrastructure, electric transmission lines and water supply lines have been damaged need special attention. The concerned authorities should depute their representatives to the effected areas to see the amount of damage that has been caused. The LG administration should direct the concerned authorities to start work on these roads, lines and pipes as soon as possibly so these people are no denied, surface communication, electric power supply and pure drinking water for long. 

The authorities should also have to look at the drainage issue of Srinagar city. Though the city is being projected as Smart City, the recent rains punctured the balloon of smartness. Almost all Srinagar streets were flooded due to faulty drainage system. This should be the top most priority of the LG administration to look into the issue, identify the fault lines and fix the problem. Sooner, the better.   


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