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Whatever we are is the result of our thinking

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By: Dr. Satyawan Saurabh

In this world, everyone is moving forward with an idea or ideas. No one wants to go ahead with the thoughts without thinking about the consequences. People live with two types of thoughts, one positive and the other negative. It depends upon the people what they choose for themselves because thought is the source that creates man. Do you think that we become what we think about? Why everyone is so busy becoming a successful person because they know that if you want to live a comfortable life with peace then you have to be a successful person and that will be the result of your thinking. Everyone can achieve whatever they want in their life but few people can chase their dreams because everyone chooses a different path because of their thoughts. Environment moves according to you not you move according to the environment it depends on you what kind of environment you want either it is bad or good, right or wrong and its development depends on your thoughts that Whatever you become will be the result of your thoughts.

At the time of colonial rule when everyone was busy in their life and sleeping without any new ideas, at that time our freedom fighters were busy planning their strategy to get freedom from the British government. Fighters like Subhash Chander Bose, Chander Shekhar Azad, and Sardar Bhagat all come with new thinking because they want to make a free, fearless, or strong India. He struggled till his last breath, sometimes he got success and sometimes he failed but he remained firm on his thoughts.

This was not liked by the British government as it was aware that once India got independence, the British government would lose the power to rule. As time progresses the idea of independence spreads all over India and the surroundings are filled with the sound of independence or freedom. After those three fighters, how many people come to fight against the British government like Mahatma Gandhi and other leaders? And the result is that we get freedom from British rule, it all happens because the fighters become what they think.

We can take another example through which we can say that “whatever we are is the result of our thoughts”. Right now we all live in a democratic country where we have a constitution and some fundamental rights but despite this people in some areas do not follow the rules of the constitution because of their mindset, in the era of equality women do not get that respect or respect what they deserve, mostly in rural areas some people think that women are born only to take care of home or children, they have no role outside home, they have no right to speak in the society Yes, all these narrow-minded things evolve. Society because people do what they think they should and what they shouldn’t do becomes. One thought can change your life, everyone has to take a decision in their life that can change their whole life so before implementing the thought in your life analyze the circumstances or the result of that particular thought because the decision makes you what you think. Whatever we are is the result of what we thought to date. If a person speaks or acts with a bad thought, then he only gets in trouble.

If a person speaks or acts with pure thoughts, happiness never leaves him like his shadow. Our positive thinking is the belief that we can solve even the most difficult situations in life. Maintaining courage even in the most difficult times is the power of our positive thinking. We also get the courage to do any difficult task only through our positive thinking. The more positive we do any work, the more accurate and successful the work will be. Due to a lack of positive thinking in adverse situations of life, many people lose their mental balance and end up doing huge losses. Somewhere the secret of success of all the successful people to date is their positive thinking. Positivity is the key not only to our success but also to our good health.

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