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Letter to the Editor

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Dear Sir,

Proverbs, maxims and hymns are experiential and knowledge-filled truths that contain boundless knowledge of our past generations. The teachings and instructions derived from these knowledge-filled reservoirs have the potential to not only purify our character but also eradicate all forms of impurity at every level in society. However, it is lamentable that the responsibility of incorporating the messages of these invaluable “words” into life is considered necessary only for students, teachers, authors, or virtuous/duty-bound individuals only.The ruling class considers this message irrelevant and acts superior to it, which diminishes the essence of these beautiful/ethical hymns. One such ethical saying is: “Do good, be good.” We all know and witness how the essence of this profound maxim is being demeaned today.

Proverbs and hymns are the foundation of moral education, and the time has come to launch a powerful campaign to include “moral education” in the country’s “national curriculum.” Only then will society and the country’s distorted values be rectified.


Writer, Educationist and Translator

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