G20 event to boost tourism

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The preparations for holding of G20 event in Kashmir are going on in full swing. While the security establishment is busy taking steps and devising strategies to ensure a smooth and peaceful event, the other stake holders too are busy warming up to ensure a smooth event. India has assumed the Presidency of G20 on 1st December, 2022 for a period of 1 year i.e. up to 30th November, 2023. India’s theme for its presidency is ‘One Earth, One Family, One Future’.  As the country is emerging on the globe as one of the top leaders, the main G20 event is going to be a historic one with the full global attention. The event is going to deliberate upon the issues confronting the world today and strategies to make it more liveable. The main focus of the event is going to be on climate change, democracy and world peace.

India will convene the G20 Leaders’ Summit for the first time in 2023, as 43 Heads of Delegations- the largest ever in the G20–will participate in the final New Delhi Summit in September later this year.However, for the upcoming few months, under the framework of the G20 Presidency, the Department of Youth Affairs, Government of India will be organizing Youth 20 Summit-2023. Youth20 is one of the official Engagement Groups of the G20. The Youth20 (Y20) Engagement Group will organize discussions pan-India, to consult the youth of the nation on ideas for a better tomorrow and draft an agenda for action. Y20 will provide a platform for youth to express their perspectives and ideas on G20 priorities.Under the Youth 20 Summit-2023, there will be consultations on the five Y20 themes along with various discussions at schools, colleges, universities, urban local bodies, and professional associations, across States/UTs in the run-up to the final Youth-20 Summit. The focus of the activities will be on building a shared vision of youth for good governance and democracy and on using technology to improve skills across the board.

Keeping in view the present global scenario, for Y20, the themes have been chosen that would help the youth in contributing their bit to make the world an ideal place for all living beings. The themes are – Future of Work: Industry 4.0, Innovation, & 21 Century Skills; Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a Way of Life; Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: Ushering in an Era of No War; Shared Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance and; Health, Well-being & Sports: Agenda for Youth.

The main event that will be held here is going to be a game changer for the UT. The delegates from different countries would be here to see for themselves the natural beauty of the place and interact with the hospitable populace here. The success of the event will undoubtedly send good signals across regarding the situation here and will ensure that unlike past, no country issues travel advisories against visiting Kashmir. The Valley is already receiving good number of tourists and a successful G20 event will open it for more and more foreign tourists. This will give a boost to the local economy and also ensure employment to the youth. It is in this backdrop that all the stakeholders are looking towards the event with great hope.

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