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Congress nurtured & gave shelter to terror for the sake of vote bank politics: PM in Karnataka

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Ballari (K’taka):  Mounting a fresh attack on the Congress, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday alleged that for the sake of vote bank politics, it has nurtured, given shelter and surrendered before terror.

Wading into the controversy surrounding the movie ‘The Kerala Story’, Modi said the film is said to be a work based on the terrorists’ deceitful policies and conspiracies in just one state, and accused the Congress of indulging in backdoor political bargaining with people having terror inclinations.

“To make Karnataka number one state in the country, law and order is important. Karnataka remaining free from terror is equally important. BJP has always been harsh against terror. But whenever there is action against terror, Congress will get a stomach ache,” Modi said.

Addressing a public meeting here with just days to go for the May 10 Assembly polls in the state, Modi said the whole world is worried today about the danger of terrorism and that India too has on several occasions suffered due to it. The country has lost a large number of innocent civilians due to terror attacks.

“Terrorism is anti-humanity, anti-human values and anti-development. I am surprised that for the sake of its vote bank, Congress has surrendered before terror. Can such a party protect Karnataka and its civilians in any way? Under the climate of terror, the industries here, the IT industry, farmers, and rich culture and heritage here will be destroyed, ” he added.

Claiming that the Congress has lost courage to speak against terror, Modi alleged that for the sake of vote bank politics, the party has nurtured and given shelter to terror.

“With changing times, the nature of terror is also changing. Whether smuggling or drug trade or communal frenzy, all are somehow connected to terror,” he said.

Highlighting that in the last few years, another dangerous form of terror has emerged, Modi said, the sound of bombs and guns can at least be heard, but there won’t be any sound to terror conspiracy of “hallowing the society”.

Even courts have expressed worry on this nature of terror, he said. The film made on such a terror conspiracy, “The Kerala Story” is under discussion. “It is said the film is based on the terrorists’ deceitful policies and conspiracies in just one state,” Modi said.

“Such a beautiful state of the country, where people are hardworking and talented. This Kerala Story film brings out terror conspiracies happening in that state,” he said.

“It is unfortunate that Congress can be seen standing with this terror trend that is seeking to ruin the country. Congress is even indulging in backdoor political bargaining with people having terror inclinations. People of Karnataka should be cautious about Congress,” the PM added.

Union Minister of State Bhagwanth Khuba and Karnataka Minister B Sriramulu among others were present in the rally.

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had said that if his government sends Rs 1 from Delhi, only 15 paise reaches people on the ground, Modi said, adding “so, he himself in a way had admitted that Congress is 85 per cent commission party.”

Even today, the identity of the Congress is 85 per cent commission party, he said.

Pointing out that Sudan is going through civil war and the government was making efforts to get stranded Indians there back to the country through ‘Operation Kaveri’, Modi alleged that at times of such a crisis, Congress did not stand with the country.

Congress wanted to do politics on the issue and take advantage of the Sudan crisis, here in the Karnataka election, as several people stranded there were from the state, Modi said. While claiming that his government has been successful in getting back Indians from crisis-hit areas, he said the Congress will have to pay the price in this election, for playing politics at the time of crisis.

Congress’ manifesto has lots of false promises, and it means “talabandi” (lockout) and “bundle of appeasement”, the Prime Minister said, adding “their manifesto only speaks about removing or banning this and that, is this their focus?”

“Congress has reservations about me chanting ‘Jai Bajarangbali’ (Hail Hanuman). People of the country and the state are watching as to what level Congress is going for appeasement,” Modi further said.

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