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Rahul Gandhi defamed India, should apologize: Rana

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JAMMU: Slamming former Congress President and Member Parliament Rahul Gandhi for defaming India on foreign soil, senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today said that instead of crying hoarse over democracy in danger, he should have drawn global attention towards the menace of terrorism that is biggest chalk to the civilized world.

“Rahul Gandhi had an experience of escaping unhurt due to his non-violence avatar after seeing eye to eye to a terrorist in Kashmir during his Bharat Todo Yatra while being oblivious of Prime Minister Narendra Modi fighting decisive war against terrorism and Naxalism in Kashmir and North East,” Rana said while speaking during day-long Cooperative Stakeholders Meet here, adding that the Congress leader should apologize to the Nation for belittling India.

Devender Rana said that Rahul Gandhi was so enthused and encouraged by changing security scenario in the Valley that he flew back just days after his Todo Yatra to take rides on snow bikes and ski on snow-capped curves of Gulmarg. “It is different that the ‘democrat Scion’ of the emergency imposing Gandhi clan did not acknowledge the great efforts in containing terrorism because of hate for the Prime Minister. This is the trauma with the first Congress family and their ilk in the opposition, who are brave like an ostrich. Deprivation from the power has affected their mental equilibrium to such an extent that they have lost the sense of proportion as to what to say and where to say it. It is ironic for India to have some so-called leaders who can go to any extent in maligning their country on the one hand and a leader who believes in the nation first,” he added.

Rana said that the ‘hate Modi campaign’ has further united the patriotic Indians to stand behind the Prime Minister like a rock to make India the Vishwa Guru. “While the stature of Modi is growing leaps and bounds in the comity of nations, the haters back home are getting reduced to political dwarfs. This is a case study for students of politics,” he maintained.

Devender Singh Rana exuded confidence about the cooperative movement witnessing revival and great momentum in Jammu and Kashmir. He said, “Many strides have been taken regarding this in the recent past and much more is on the anvil.”

He described the cooperatives as a strong tool to change the rural landscape, saying the movement has transcended beyond the agricultural sector to other sectors as well. This is noteworthy as the concept itself unites the people to work for a cause. In this context, he referred to several big brands owing their genesis to the cooperative movement and hoped that these are inspirational developments to broaden the concept for the larger good.

Devender Rana said that cooperatives can play a pivotal role in the employment generation directly and indirectly. “While vistas of self-employment opportunities are available in the sector, avenues of indirect employment too hold promise due to the spillover effect of the cooperatives to non-members.”

He said that cooperatives play an important role in improving the livelihood of rural people. The more the movement gains momentum, the more the rural and semi-urban communities will benefit, Raina said, adding that such meets can provide a platform to all those connected with the campaign to exchange experiences and work towards the betterment of the society.

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