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Nothing before time but let’s walk on the sands of time.

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By: Priyanka Saurabh

No one has ever got and will never get more than time and luck. But we cannot rely only on luck, a person has to make efforts in his life. If a person without effort wants to get everything that is in his destiny, it is never possible. Because in the dynamic journey of life, human desires are infinite. Without effort, one cannot get food and without effort, the farmer cannot even do farming. Yes sir. This is what I believe.

Work as hard as you can and even after that you don’t get the destination, what would you call it? If it is written in your destiny, then you will reach your destination even after running and if it is not in your destiny, then no matter how hard you try, you will not reach your destination. But this does not mean that you sit with your hand on your hand that if it is in your destiny then you will get it, it is not like that automatically. It is said that God and luck also favor those who work hard with full devotion and dedication.

Why is it believed that no one can achieve anything before time and more than luck? This human life is full of diversities where a person chooses a goal according to his wish. He performs his duties and struggles to achieve that goal. Since society judges a person by his success, it is natural for a person to feel disappointed at times when the goal is not achieved. In such situations, positive sentences work as motivational. Like-‘You don’t get more than time and luck’. This sentence gives a lot of encouragement. Stops getting distracted and communicate hope. Must have seen many of our people that even after hard work they are not able to succeed and a time comes when they get disappointed. At that time they should not lose courage and think that they will not get anything before the time, it is their turn now. Only do your work with patience because it may not happen that good times may come for you, luck may also be good, but till then you have stopped working hard, and you have left hope.

That’s why it is said, to keep doing your work, and don’t worry about the result. And never be disappointed because even a bad watch shows the correct time twice a day. Every work is done on its own time. No matter how hard we try, no matter how much courage we have, we can never change this universal truth. This entire creation was also not created in a day. It also developed gradually.

We see in this material life of ours that the farmer prepares the land by digging and sows the seeds in it. The seed sprouts according to time and till then it takes the form of a small plant, with time the plant becomes a huge tree. A huge tree is made from a seed, it is the result of a farmer’s tireless hard work day and night and giving fertilizers and water. But trees bear fruit in their own time. No matter how much you irrigate the tree, make beds, or make efforts, the tree bears fruit only when the time comes. A child is born not a youth. For years parents watch him. It takes time for him to become literate, a child passing through this nature becomes a young man of 20-25 years.

Firstly the child enters the school in nursery class, he does not pass the 12th standard in the same year. The child passes school after working hard for 14 years and then enters college, which does not happen overnight, similarly, if the work is done at the right time, it can be fruitful. If done, it is fruitful that people understand the importance of time and make their plans accordingly. He always sees the face of success in life. Time makes a big difference in life, it makes a king a rank and a rank makes a king. In other words, time makes the strong weak and the weak strong in the blink of an eye. How many civilizations have been destroyed by time, what is a man in front of it?

We cannot turn away from time that time is not our friend. Time has to be made a friend, time never waits for us. We have to walk in step with him. Time moves at its pace day and night without rest. It is our wisdom that we can achieve everything we wish for in life only with the help of him. If a man recognizes the value of time, then no one can stop him from climbing the stairs to success. There is a fear of failure at every stepin life, but with our strength and power, we can leave this world leaving our marks on the sands of time and becoming an example for the generations to come.

The writer is Research Scholar in Political Science, Poet, freelance journalist and columnist.


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