Mushtaq Hurra

The wrong way of Preaching

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From sectarian abhorrence to our falling ethical standards, we are witnessing a turmoil of social, religious and moral disintegration and are confronted with numerous drastic issues which if not resolved at the earliest, will bear terrible consequences. Number of drug abusers and addicts in our valley is assuming dangerous proportions with every passing day, sale of liquor is substantially increasing in our markets, vulgarity is consuming the legacy of our cherished values and morals, corruption of different kinds is barely considered illegitimate , wasting productive time on social networking sites and internet browsing has become the norm of our young people, books including the holy Quran, are lying dust-ridden in our shelves and racks, smartphone screens displaying profane stuff continues to be the chief source of our  amusement, yet our clerics and orators squabble on holy pulpits to desecrate them badly. Either they are complacent or undiscernible about the growing iniquitous practices prevalent in our society. These ostensible contractors of Islam have stooped so low that our ancestors might be abashed in their graves because their successors have begun to sell their prized ideals on cheaper prices. Social reformation should have been one of the core priorities of our clerics, but, they continue to hoodwink masses to grind their selfish axes. 

Nowadays, social networking sites are abuzz with videos, in which a so-called religious monk took the entire Muslim world by surprise when he plunked sarang and nout on the sacred podium. I don’t want to discuss the legitimacy or implausibility of his misadventure. But, I am concerned and worried about chaos and havoc created by his mischief. The sensational video has caused acute social commotion. Social media is flooded with the videos of allegations and counter allegations, to validate the credibility of dichotomous versions. People are squandering time and energies on the nugatory issue. The holy rostrums should have been used to eradicate social evils like dowry, indecency, defrauding, fornication, late marriages, corruption and the growing disobedience of Allah SWT and HIS descended heavenly laws, but, our moulvies have other ideas. These seats should have been the sources of our emancipation and liberation, but, the oblivious preachers have yoked our necks in new slaveries.  

Alas ! The nominal rectors and preachers only incite factional hatred among ummah. They perpetually spit venom through their sermons and speeches from holy minbars. They take pride in issuing decrees against their ideological rivals. They hardly miss any opportunity to lower the guard of this beleaguered community.  They should have balmed the bruises of ummah, but they are hellbent to spread abomination and a sense of ill-will against their own brethren. I pity their blind followers and fans who endorse their nefarious designs either consciously or unconsciously. Indulging in disgustingly awful debates has become the chief motive of these so-called ambassadors of Islam. Prophet Muhammad ( SAW ) and His sahabah never ever tried to do down their own people though they might had some differences with them. I wonder if they spare any space for etiquettes of communication and sermonising. 

The sacrilegious attempt of the rector from Budgam has crossed the limits idiocy. His height of ignorance and stupidity has reached to the climax. The moulvi is already infamously known for his rude, obscene and ludicrous gestures. In one of his earlier videos, he is seen abusing elderly ladies and men in a gathering. After his recent video, in which he strummed musical instruments in a mosque, came up with a series of videos to defend his buffoonish move. He is seen challenging all the qualified muftis, ulemas and renowned religious scholars of Kashmir. The evil would have been nipped in the bud, if the moulvi from Wtuerhail had apologized to the general public. But, no, he wants to be above the stature of Imam Abu Haneefah and Imam Shafi( AR ). 

Such clerics are responsible for the division and duality among ummah. They have forgotten and neglected the basic tenets of Islam. (Kuntum Khaira Ummatin, Ukhrijat Linnas, Taamaroona Bilmaroof, Wa-Tan Hawna Anill Munkar ). You are the best of people, sent unto mankind. You enjoin what is right, and forbid what is wrong (Surah Aali Imran, verse number 3). In the light of this verse, we all Muslims in general and our clerics in particular, should have been the torch bearers for the entire world. We should have been the catalysts of positive social change, but, contrarily, we have ourselves slipped and stumbled into the quagmire of social declension. Tsunami of different kinds of evils has contaminated an immaculately pristine social system which was considered as a benchmark of true welfare state by both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Another shocking parameter of his blasphemous act, is the interpretation and translation of a holy verse from the Quran, to defend his own disgraceful stance (Astag-Ferrullah ! ). I don’t know if he is the native speaker and linguist of Arabic language. None of the fifty plus exegetists of holy Quran have explained the holy verse, as he did.  (Khalaqal Insaana Min-Salsalin Kal-fakhar ) HE created man from the dry ( rotten ) clay like potters’ ( Al-Rehman, verse 13 ). None of the renowned exegetists like Moulana Moudodi (AR) or others have made any attribution of the holy verse to music or musical instruments. I don’t know how rich is his grammar and semantics of Arabic language. But, one thing is clear that he has brought absolute humiliation to all Kashmiris. Shar-iee council of Jammu and Kashmir has already asked him to apologize publicly. He should repent in solitude before Allah SWT, and implore for HIS forgiveness, pardon and mercy. 

Author is a Teacher and a Columnist. He can be reached at [email protected]

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