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Kashmir already special; it does not need any special legal status: Arif Khan

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Srinagar: Kashmir has so many special things and qualities that it does not need any special position under the law, Kerala governor Arif Mohammad Khan said here on Saturday.

Khan was the chief guest at a Sufi Conference organised at SKICC here.

He said the sense of equality in the world today is so much that the past inequalities based on where you were born, have ended.

“There is a natural law which says that if your character is good, if you serve people, then you get a special position which no law can take away from you. This is what religion, what Sufism teaches us, and this is what the UN declaration on human rights says,” he told reporters.

He said there is no special provision for anyone on the basis of where he was born or in which religion he was born.

“Kashmir has so many special things and Kashmir does not need any special provision under the law. Kashmir has within itself a power, it has such learning, such crafts, such artisans, and so many qualities that you already have a special position,” he said.

Earlier, in his speech, Khan said it was a misunderstanding that some law or constitutional provision makes people special.

“No one can become special because of a law, so take it out of your mind. The law does not give anyone a special position. Only those have a special position who have a special character, and special morals.

“But, I want to tell you that you have such a fortune that no one can end your speciality,” he added.

The Kerala governor said the world has bestowed a great responsibility on India as the president of the G-20.

“So, in the year to come, we have to prove ourselves that a powerful India is a guarantee for world peace and not a danger for anyone,” he said.

He said the world has become a global village and the era of dividing has gone.

“Our country was divided in 1947. If anyone has to strongly oppose any attempt to divide the people on the basis of region or religion, it is the people of this country, because we have experienced this.

“Which country in the world today can work with its own people only? If you go to Saudi Arabia or the USA, people from all nationalities are present there. The world has become a global village,” Khan said.

“The world is uniting and not dividing today. If we divide ourselves, then it is only our loss,” he added.

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