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False narrative against Art 370, 35 A stands defeated: Dr. Farooq Abdullah

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Addresses party convention in Samba

Jammu: The Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr. Farooq Abdullah on Sunday said that the false narrative against Art 370, 35 A stands defeated today in view of the incumbent administration’s large-scale failures on all visible parameters in today’s J&K.

The facts on the ground have a different story to tell, said Dr. Farooq Abdullah while addressing a party convention in Samba today.

Addressing the workers, Dr Farooq said the ruling dispensation misled the people across the country that the abrogation of articles 370,35-A will draw radicalism in J&K to a close. “Has it happened? The situation on the ground narrates a different story contrary to what was being claimed. There is no visible sign of things getting better in J&K. Targeted killings of non-locals, Kashmiri Pandits, local Muslims, Cops have brought back the horror of the ’90s. Mass migration of Pandits, who had stayed back in Kashmir over the past thirty years is another reality of the post-abrogation chapter unfolded by the ruling BJP in Kashmir. Today Kashmir is marked by uncertainty.  Families of those killed in targeted killings in Kashmir are demanding answers from the government but there is little explanation from the powers that be,” he said.

He further added, “Why has unemployment soared in Jammu and Kashmir? Didn’t BJP promise 50,000 jobs for our youth when they were banging the drum for articles 370,35-A abrogation? Where are those jobs? Why are our educated, skilled, and talented youth on the roads?”

“Unending job search has taken a toll on the mental health of our promising youth in Jammu, Pir Panjal, and Chenab. Now, since outsiders are eligible for jobs here, the employment prospects of our sons and daughters have dwindled further. Even the local sand and mining contracts are going to outsiders. The plight of local marginal wholesalers and traders is no different. Many employees have been dropped out of the workforce in Central power, tunnel building  projects. Our local businesses in Jammu are on the verge of closing down, our traders are facing penury. Our youth see no light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

He further said that the people of Jammu will never allow BJP to destroy the region’s secular fabric. “All the promises of BJP have been drawn a blank. Now they will resort to polarising the people. However, people across JK have made it a point not to fall into their trap. They won’t be able to divide our hearts, it is the people of Jammu, who will destroy them through the use of a ballot,” he added.

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