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Cong is Wide Ball, AAP No Ball, only BJP is good length delivery: Rajnath Singh

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Baijnath/Balh (HP): Senior BJP leader and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday used cricket analogies to take a dig at opposition parties, dubbing Congress as a “Wide Ball” and AAP as a “No Ball”.

Addressing election rallies in assembly segments of Baijnath and Balh in Himachal Pradesh, Singh described BJP as the only “good length delivery” on the pitch of politics.

He asserted that BJP’s resolve to implement the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Himachal Pradesh is not to get votes.

“We have resolved to implement the Uniform Civil Code in Himachal Pradesh. People from Congress are saying we are doing this to get votes. We don’t want to get votes by dividing society. The Uniform Civil Code has been in force in Goa for years. Did society break in Goa,” Singh said.

With cricket fever gripping the country during the ongoing T20 World Cup in Australia, the leader connected with voters by comparing politics to cricket.

“To sum up the current politics in terms of cricket, I would say that while BJP is a ‘good length ball’ on the pitch of politics, Congress party has become a ‘Wide Ball’. The Aam Aadmi Party’s position is of No Ball,” Singh said.

Singh said during the Congress rule, the country’s economy was in the ninth or tenth position.

“Today, under Modiji’s leadership, India’s economy is at the fifth position in the world. The day is not far when India’s economy will be among the top three countries in the world.”

Singh said the Modi government has reined in corruption and now entire funds from the Centre reach people’s accounts without any deviation.

“Our government has reined in corruption. I am not saying that we completely eradicated corruption. We have changed the system to curb corruption. Today, if 100 paisa moves from Delhi, the entire amount reaches the public’s accounts,” Singh said.

The defence minister said Prime Minister Modi has emphasised on self-reliance in defence goods.

“Today, India’s defence exports have reached a position of about twenty thousand crore rupees,” he said.

Referring to the change of government every five years in the hill state, Singh said, “The people of Himachal Pradesh keep flipping chapati. But this time, the chapati is well cooked here. There is no need to flip it.

“Same used to happen in Uttarakhand too, but people there have now stopped it.”

Discussing the BJP’s manifesto, Singh said mothers and sisters will experience good days under the BJP as the party has announced it will give 33 per cent reservation to women in government jobs.

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