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604th Urs of Hazrat Syed Janzab Wali (RA) observed; devotees throng revered shrine 

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Baramulla: Thousand of devotees from across Kashmir valley who thronged the revered shrine of Kashmir valley’s renowned mystical stain of Hazrat Syed Janzab Wali (RA) on 604th Urs prayed for peace and prosperity in the entire Muslim world, particularly in Jammu and Kashmir.

Like past legacy, the annual Urs of Hazrat Syed Janzab Wali (RA) was celebrated at Syed Janbaz Wali shrine with great devotion and religious enthusiasm. Devotees including elders, men, women, and children gathered here to have a glimpse of “Tubrookat” holy relics after every Nizmaz (prayer).

While paying their obeisance at the Shrine devotees prayed for peace and prosperity in the Union Territory and the Muslim world.

“We are celebrating 604 the Urs of Hazrat Syed Janzab Wali (RA) with great devotion and thousands of devotees not only from Baramulla but from other parts of the valley attend this Urs and seek the blessing of Allah in the premises of this pious shrine of the revered Sofi saint,” informed Mutwali Dargah (caretaker shrine) Hazrat Syed Muhammad Janbaz Wali (RA) Baramulla Khursheed Ahmad Shah who has also complied booklet on the life of Hazrat Syed Muhammad Janbaz Wali (RA).

“For centuries the shrine of Hazrat Syed Janbaaz Wali (RA) at Khanpora in Baramulla has remained an iconic symbol of Islamic culture and civilization. The saint taught us religious tolerance, justice, equality, and the teachings of Almighty Allah and our beloved prophet Hazrat Mohammad (SAW),” said Advocate Mudasir Naqasbandi another caretaker.

Hazrat Janbaz Wali RA is regarded as one of the great Sufi scholars who came from Iran some 600 years ago. His main aim was to spread the message of peace, love, and humanity, the basic message of Islam.

 Syed Janbaz Wali, according to historians, visited the valley with his companions in 1421 AD, opted for Khanpora Baramulla as the centre of his mission, and was laid to rest here. His shrine attracts pilgrims from throughout Kashmir.

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