Alarming situation of drug trafficking

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Divisional Administration Kashmir, in a statement issued the other day, has said that 106 detention orders have been issued till today during the current year under Prevention of Illicit Traffic in Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic Substance Act, 1988, (PIT-NDPS). Giving details, the statement said that 23 detention orders under PIT-NDPS were issued in Srinagar, 10 in Budgam, one in Ganderbal, four in Anantnag, eight in Kulgam, 13 in Pulwama, four in Shopian, 15 in Baramulla, four in Bandipora and 24 in Kupwara. The details are enough to indicate how serious an issue the drug trafficking and abuse is emerging in Kashmir. Every day Police claims to have seized narcotic drugs and made arrests but still there seems no end to the menace. That the drug trafficking continues unabated despite the police and civil administration’s efforts is an indication that there is something amiss. While one may appreciate Jammu and Kashmir Police as an organization for its efforts to curb the menace, one can’t miss the indication that there are some black sheep within the organization and also the civil administration having some nexus with those involved in this dirty trade. While Police should continue its efforts to curb the menace, it should also look inwards and try to find out where are the black sheep, identify them and isolate them. This dirty trade is destroying the lives of Kashmiri youth and if it goes on unchecked, the society may head towards a complete rot in the near future.

That said, it is not the Police and administration alone that can fight this menace. It is every individual’s duty to contribute his/her bit. The society has to wake up and realize how its young generation is falling in the pit of disaster wherefrom it can never emerge again. The children are to be saved from this poison in circulation and for that the society has be vigilant and should cooperate with law enforcing agencies. The civil society of Kashmir has to play a bigger rule. It has to take the challenge head-on. The battle is to be launched from every individual home where the parents should be cautious and conscious about their childrens’ behavioural patterns. They have to be more communicative with their children. Intention is not to have control over the children but to be friendly with them so that their depressions and frustrations are understood without being judgmental. The more communicative the parents are with their children are the less are the chances of these children falling in bad company.

Secondly, the religious leaders particularly the Imams of local mosques have a duty to join this fight against the drug menace. They enjoy certain degree of influence in the particular localities and therefore should use the pulpit of mosques to preach about the dangers and ills of drug abuse and traffivking. This is a battle which is to be fought jointly by all.

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