Handholding workforce in unorganized sector

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In a landmark decision, Jammu and Kashmir Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha Monday issued directions to extend Rs two lakh insurance cover to the entire workforce including those in the unorganized sector and the premium of the insurance would be borne by the Department of Labour and Employment. LG issued these directions while chairing a review meeting of the Labour & Employment Department and said that the government is committed for social and economic justice to the workforce in the unorganised sector and every effort is being made to protect the interests of labour, for their welfare, necessary skill development and to improve their capability.

The labour class all along has been on the receiving end. While they are the people who sweat themselves out to help the developmental march of the society, they, unfortunately, are the ones who get the minimal benefits of the development and progress. They break stones to lay roads for us all; they bake themselves along the bricks to ensure there are skyscrapers raised in the cities; they are the ones who dig down into holes emanating deadly gases to keep our environment safe and; they are the ones who do everything to ensure that we, in general, have a hassle free life. But, tragically, they are the ones, who are denied of all basic rights. Looked down and exploited by their employers and ignored by the governments, they strive to make our places better while facing the most worst and inhuman conditions.

In this backdrop, Lieutenant Governor’s recent directive comes as a ray of light for these people at the end of a dark tunnel of human greed. This is the vital sector of our society. This section of the society ensures that things are done. This section sweats itself out to ensure that rest of us live a comfortable life but unfortunately this is the section which has all along been looked down upon and never ever has been paid attention to its issues and traumas.

By announcing the scheme, the Lt Governor has presented the humane face of his administration that need to be appreciated by one and all. This hitherto ignored section of the society, in real sense, is the backbone of development. It is this community’s sweat and blood that ensures that life is made easier for rest of us. LG has also issued directions that there is no case of exploitation of unorganized workers and that health, safety and social security benefits like financial assistance should be the top priority and that the concerned department should ensure that all possible assistance for children’s education and scholarships is extended within a fixed timeline. The initiative is undoubtedly going to benefit the workforce, particularly those in the unorganized sector thus helping the society as a whole.

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